Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Busy day .......

Today is the Harvest festival and I was up before the sunshine to make two apple pies.....Mr P thought I was nuts, and I probably am but I really enjoyed getting organised early, its so not me!
I have been so chirpy and cheerful he is starting to wonder what I have broken or bought, its quite amusing to watch him wonder what is going on with me!
I am going to get my hair done and start wearing make-up again and he might wonder if there is another man....... there isn't another man (apart from my baby boy) but its a bit of a giggle to get Mr P wondering.....
We arrived at school and donated the usual tins of soup and fruit, and dashed over to the library to set up refreshments, while trying to keep one eye on Daniel who is unfortunately at the exploration age and wanders off in the blink of an eye.
It all went well and the teachers were looking forward to apple pie for their pudding at dinner time and I only lost Daniel once and it was terrifying but he turned out to be in the Office looking at the trophies.
We cleared up and packed away the refreshments and came on home
We are watching Sinbad which is a refreshing change to Cars and I have devoured my new addiction

a Reese's Nutrageous Bar

Daniel will be off to bed for his afternoon nap and I have a ton of jobs to do, I need to organise the minutes from the last PTA AGM for tomorrow night's AGM, Mr P is the Chairman so he is hopefully sorting out his speech, luckily I don't have to do a speech. Coffee morning tomorrow morning and Joanne will be selling her cakes again, plus I have a picture to do for her. I must get the PTA newsletter done too, that is suppose to go out at the begining of each month. oh dear I am falling behind..... better get a wriggle on
cheers for now Alex

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Joanne said...

Alex, thank you so much for the cheering up phone call. By the way now I know where my mojo has gone, you've got it. Keep it up.