Monday, 23 February 2009

I love my new look.....

Aha, I bet you thought I had my hair done or something....
I could do with a make over actually but I am referring to the new blog background that Raspberry cupcakes has so wonderfully created for me, thank you so much it is beautiful.

I had struggled for so long to get something other than the normal templates that blogger give you but alas I was beaten, however hard I tried I just couldn't work it out.
My background was a gift out of the blue and I am not sure where awards originate and I apologise if I have overstepped the mark but I have designed an award just for you C..... I hope you like it.

Help a friend Award
This award is given to someone who gave without being asked and if you pass it on to someone in the future it cannot be given lightly.... they must have given you something wonderful without being prompted, be it a supportive word in an hour of need or a wonderful gift through the post or some technical help that was beyond your ability..... a deed that gives you back some hope that the world is not as bad as the media and press would lead us to believe.

Please pop over to check out Raspberry Cupcake's blog she is a lovely lady with a very kind heart.

Take care
Hope the sun is shinning wherever you may be, I think spring may have sprung here in Somerset (at last)

Monday, 16 February 2009

A studio all of my own......

Well at last I have a space to call my own..... I ended up looking for a studio space in the village where Danny man will be attending playgroup and then school so that I can be very local and save on fuel travelling to and fro when I drop him off. It was a casual remark to a friend that found me this place, and I know it isn't huge but it is a place to call my own.... even though I have to share it with Mr P as his office too.....Yeah right!

This is a little hallway that the previous tenant used as a waiting room, I think she was a beautician.... its a little chilly as the big wooden door fits where it touches and is a little draughty, but I will put making a draught excluder to the top of my list!

This is the main room, its all newly decorated, the door has a habit of swinging closed all by its self, so I will have to make a pretty doorstop for that.... mind you I will be keeping it closed till the warmer weather gets here...

Sorry about the fuzzy photo, this is where my desk / work table will be....
On the opposite wall to the window are 2 chairs my mum has let me borrow, they make a comfy little settee when pushed together and they are a perfect day bed for Danny.... just in case he gets back from playgroup and is in need of some r & r...... or if I fancy a quiet sit to do a little hooking perhaps!

And the first bit to be organised is the canteen! lol
The cupboards have been duly filled with wool and fabrics and the cupboard in the wall is home to my acrylics, watercolours and any other bits and pieces I have squirreled away at home....

Well once I have sourced the perfect desk / work table I will be all set....
My own little bolt hole, a much needed piece of heaven to make being a mum, cleaner, laundress, agony aunt, chauffeur and cook all the more bearable...

Take care

Friday, 13 February 2009

Etsy Scam Alert

Lorraine over at Patchworkpottery has had an image stolen on Etsy and they have used it to con a number of people selling something they didn't make or own.

please be very aware of the risks of purchasing from people with no feedback, I know everyone has to start somewhere but just be careful out there.....

If you are selling on the web try and watermark your images with your store logo.... hopefully this will stop people from stealing your images and using them for their own financial gain.

We have purchased several cars and motorbikes on Ebay and we stick to the rule that when purchasing a car ask for internal photo's if there aren't any....
people have been known to photograph cars and vehicles parked on the road and sell them as their own, asking for a deposit to be paid prior to collection....
if they can't give you photo's that have the door open it is more than likely that they do not own the car....
Motorbikes etc you need to see a photo of the V5 paperwork....

Cover your number plate if you are selling a vehicle as people will search for a vehicle in the same colour and make as their own and clone your number plate, they then drive around using your details, if they get flashed on a speed camera, you get the fine! They do this quite a lot in London with the congestion charges I believe... plus with all the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) it gets them a free car to drive around in so long as they don't have a prang

Be sensible out there with your online purchases look at feedback, ask questions, if it feels dodgy don't take the risk and walk away.....

By for now

Monday, 9 February 2009

Goin' crochet crazy!

Well I have had an up and down weekend it started off promising, as Daniel will be attending nursery 2 villages down the road I have managed to find a little space that I can rent to use as an office/studio, this will mean that I can drop him at play group and then I don't have to drive all the way home and then go back and pick him up 2 and a half hours later. I move in on Saturday....we went out for dinner with my mum and dad and a friend to celebrate mums birthday, it was a lovely meal and then the down hill turn occurred.

Daniel came down with something nasty Saturday evening, therefore scuppering any chance of me getting any sleep Saturday night.
He either had a sore throat, ear infection or big teeth coming through....thank goodness for Nurofen syrup!

I have however been keeping myself occupied doing a little bit of experimental crochet!
I had a lovely pattern for flowers and I bought a new book to show me exactly what stitches there are..... well Wednesday I saw Joanne and she borrowed the flower pattern, and I left my crochet book at her house by mistake!
So from memory and with a little artistic license I have made 2 more flowers!
yay for me!
I probably take longer choosing the button for the middle than I do crocheting it..... oh the indecision!

I also lacked a place to keep my hooks and needles and scissors so I made myself a little pouch, and then with some really thick wool and the memory of Attic 24's bag tutorial I managed to make a basket to keep my newly purchased buttons from Paperfish in

I am going to have a crack at making a valentines card too!
Nothing as fabulous as Dilly Dally Dingle but it will be made with love!
I won't crochet it either!

Well I had better get on and do some ...dare I say it .....Housework!

take care

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Absolutely Brrrrrrrrrrrr....illiant!

Oh what fun it is to slip and slide.......

Stay safe, keep warm, be happy....... it will be gone soon!

Mind you Mr P went to work....
He's an contractor ya know!

" I don't get paid if I don't go to work"

That's what he says in the summer too, when I wonder if we
are having a family holiday! lol...

bye for now

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow, Birthday Cake and Shopping....

Hello everyone, I hope you are all okay and have had a good day!

We have actually had a light dusting of snow overnight, it did thaw slightly during the day and Danny man and I went to the village shop and then built a teeny tiny snowman!
He's crashed out in bed, and Jamie came home from school and has gone to bed too! she has that really chesty cough and is feeling a little rough.... I will see how she's feeling tomorrow she may stay home.

Danny Man's Birthday

It was Danny mans birthday on Saturday and he requested a Lorry cake......
I am not naturally gifted at cake making, and I have been informed by someone that it is not something you can learn you are either good at it or you are not!

I am not!

So I cheated!

I bought all manner of cakes from Lidls, Somerfields and Tesco and cut, moulded, covered and pasted together with a tub of Betty Crockers ready to spread icing!

I am not embarrassed by my lack of ability,
I totally excel at so many other things that I can deal with not being a complete domestic goddess, we can't all be Nigella!
I wouldn't mind her figure!

well here is my Chocolate log lorry!
What do you think?

I had a blast making it!

I slightly over catered,

there was only Daniel, Jamie, Mr P's mum and dad and Mr P and myself..... my Mum and Dad had a family occasion in Poole to go to, everything always seems to happen at the same time.

Daniel had a lovely day playing with all his new toys, it took ages for it to sink in that all the gifts were just for him.... being so close to Christmas I think he thought he had to share them!


Now I have tried to win so many giveaways that I am resorting to buying the things that I covet!
I know it is very naughty but I can't help it...

I bought 3 little birds from Patchwork Pottery
they arrived Saturday all the way from Canada!
They were beautifully wrapped and I also received an extra parcel!

Mr P thought I was mad taking photo's of all the different stages of unwrapping, but it has to be done so that I can get all excited when I look at the photo's again and again!

I received my three little birds, which are beautiful and each little bird had a thank you card with a magnet button, these magnets are so handy, I have two of the birds hung on the magnets by my laptop in the kitchen, and the duck egg blue bird is hanging on one of my cupboard door handles in the kitchen. The extra parcel was a little swatch of fabric with 3 herbal teas....

My beautiful felt picture from Fi at Marmalade Rose arrived Thursday, the postman caught me as I was walking with Daniel down to the Village cafe, I was so excited I nearly died!
Now I know this is suppose to be my Valentines present but as I was on my way to the villlage cafe I thought it rude to sit there and not open it!

With a crowd of onlookers I worked my way into it through the many layers of bubble wrap and cardboard.
Finally there it was in all its beautifulness!

I was so pleased with my first ever purchase of a piece of artwork by someone else and spent all morning showing everyone!

It astounds me though, that some people commented that I could have made it myself, okay with training and a little time possibly I could have but why keep trying to do everything yourself?
why not embrace those that already have those wonderful abilities and purchase their work, and revel in their talent! It seems to be a habit of creative people to see something and think
" pah I could do that myself"
and then you find you never get around to it and you still have nothing beautiful and inspiring to look at!
Thank you Fi! I love your work and your hair raising ordeal to fetch it from the shop will be told to my children and their children as it is passed from generation to generation!

I am one very lucky gal!
Thank you Mr P for letting me splurge!
I am feeling much chirpier now, surrounded by my lovely new things

Bye for now