Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Oh Crumbs, the crumble!

Sunday didn't go quite as planned and the apples didn't make it down off the tree..... Jamie was most disappointed as crumble with custard is a favourite.
However I gathered the apples yesterday evening and I have them ready for peeling and slicing so a crumble is definitely on the cards for pudding this evening.
I think custard will accompany the dish and I am a nightmare when it comes to custard as I love it!
I remember at school having mint custard on a piece of chocolate crunch......ooooohhhhh it was lovely!
I must try and find a recipe for chocolate crunch, perhaps Joanne has one! (hint hint Joanne if your reading this!)

Well I had better get peeling, as its only an hour till Jamie arrives back on the school bus......I think I might make an apple pie for the teachers as its the school harvest festival tomorrow, I can make lovely pastry (using mother in laws recipe) but I cannot bake cakes, however much I try, they just don't work.
cheers for now

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