Sunday, 5 October 2008

Do you think I over did it?

When I was expecting Jamie 10 years ago, I found myself wondering "how should I decorate the babies room" as a frustrated artist I automatically thought


Starting at the window I worked my way back towards the door and went for it

When I took the photo's I hadn't quite finished painting the under water section

I was working in Boots at the time (the shop not the foot wear) and I think my creative needs had been stifled as when I look back at the pictures now I think it was a little unsuitable for a baby.....!

Jamie doesn't remember this mural, we moved when she was about 3 years old
I have to admit I haven't done another since
She's 10 now and has a pink and lilac bedroom and a mad love of unicorns
so you never know I might post a new mural soon!



MarmaladeRose said...

WOW! Fantastic mural! Maybe a little scary for a baby, but she seems to come out of it ok. lol. I painted one in our downstairs loo at the last house, it had blue sky and grass, and roses growing up the four corners to look like a rose arbour. It was priceless seeing guests faces after their first visit!
Good idea about senting the cupcakes, maybe cloves and cinnamon, what do you think?
Fi x

Petticoat Lane said...

Great Mural...Does Jamie have a deep rooted fear of Jungles now?? Just joking!! It's amazing, I wish I could paint like that. My girls would love it. Must have taken some serious painting over! You must have hated to do that after all your hard work.
By the way have you seen the Unicorn T-shirt in Mini Boden with the sequins on it?...I know, I know, I'm a bad influence, shall shut up now!
Glad you're all up and running again.
Jane. x

karen said...

wow how cool is that. Pleeease can you come to my house and do my son's bedroom I'll bake cake's lol.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

You are so very TALENTED!
I love the mural... Wow, what a master piece!
Debbie Moss