Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday Morning ....Village Cafe

Village Cafe

Danny and I have just returned from the village cafe and I have been SO wicked!

I bought something off every stall....

Dawn Woodward Jewellery

Dawn makes and sells fabulous jewellery and her son has chickens so she sells eggs at the end of her jewellery stall
I bought a dozen free range eggs for £2

Joanne's (little patch of heaven) Cakes

the peppermint creams are a childhood memory jogger

and I have never had coconut cream, but its like eating a bounty bar with strawberry cream...
its unbelievably good!

Daniel loves the rock buns and the almond and strawberry drops are yummy-luscious........

don't get me started on the love heart jam biscuits....
I bought 4 but alas only one has survived.

I also bought a marmalade loaf and some fudge biscuits.....

Kathryn's Fruit and veg

Kathryn lives nearby and grows all her fruit and veg on her mums farm, its all organic and very reasonably priced, she's a lovely lady and I very much appreciate all her hard work.

The guinea pigs love the carrot tops!

Church book stall

I bought a book for 50p and I am looking forward to a quite read later.... I hope its not too griping as I am a real bugger when it comes to putting a book down.

They also had some wind fall cooking apples so I gave a donation and brought on 6, I will mix them with some of my eating apples and see if they taste good together in an apple crumble.

We had a lovely chat with all the local folk and Danny had a wonderful time playing with a box of toys in the committee room and making all the locals laugh with his cheeky antics.

Its really nice as I can relax and have a chat with friends as I know I have at least 35 sets of eyes watching out for him and its really wonderful being part of a lovely community.

I think I might have to invest in a shopping trolley (visit attic 24) as Danny doesn't have a buggy now and if it wasn't for a kind friend giving me a lift up the hill I think I would have struggled with my many bags...

Danny came home and had a little picnic in his barn....

a friend at school gave it to me and he absolutely loves it!

Well Danny has gone for a nap, and I have a PTA newsletter to write so I had better get going

Hope you are having a sunny Thursday



April said...

Wow, can I come to your village please?

April xx

Joanne said...

You beat me to it. I was going to blog about the village cafe.
The photo's look great, very well staged your getting good at this blogging lark.

MarmaladeRose said...

Oh, I've fallen in love with a young man called Danny! What a cheeky smile.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Thank you, he is a real sweetie, if he does something for you and you say thank you he replies with "Your welcome" how cute is that!

Cheers Alex

karen said...

Awwwww that little man is sooooo cute Dont ya just wanna eat him.
Look's like you picked up some yummy goddie's today hunni. Peppermint creams are the next thing on my list to make with River. We made coconut ice this week Yum yum .....

lesley said...

Wow, what a village cafe you have! Peppermint creams are a favourite of mine but I haven't made them since my school days!! Scary!! What a little sweetie you have there! He looks edible too. Tee Hee. xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hello - found you via Joanne :-) gorgeous little boy and yummy goodies !!
nice to "meet" you :-)
Lesley x