Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

For everyone not holding or attending a Halloween party,

The car became a ghost car,
I ran out of time but I was going to cover it all with tormented souls!

The wheelie bin was covered and the giant pumpkin my cousin grew was duly carved and displayed at the feet of the bin bag spiders perch....

The bin bag made up the body and I had strips of netting for the legs!

The bat from last night was stuck to the door and the hanging witch flew beneath.....

OOOOOOooohhhhhhh Happy Halloween to all !!!!!!


Joanne said...

Well done Alex it all looked fantastic. You know how I feel about Halloween bah humbug!

Petticoat Lane said...

Alex, you're SO talented, all I managed was a pumpkin, but I did take them out and about. I love your imagination and the car becoming a ghost, wheelie bin a witch etc. They looked great.
Also a HUGE "Well Done" for your Halloween party. I was wondering how that went. What lucky children they all were and what you did with them was amazing. Your children must have been so proud of their mummy. You're right a donation towards the hall would have been a good idea, you must have spent a bomb! I can imagine worth every pennie though to see them all enjoying themselves.
Jane. x

JuliaB said...

Gosh .. i've never seen a decorated car before!! is it a very very very large sheet painted? x