Saturday, 5 March 2011

ooohhh new toys!

Jamie wanted a laptop of her own and now that I no longer need to use word, spreadsheets and powerpoint I don't really need a laptop... so Jamie will be using the newly cleared off Vaio and I have put a little extra money in the kitty and upgraded to a Ipad... not sure its me but I will have to suck it and see! ;D

We have a business PC for Les's work so I can still do some boring and mundane stuff but I will not be using it for personal stuff... as of yet I haven't tried putting photo's onto the tiny little do dah so bear with me guys and gals...

I also bought a sewing box/table on castors from ebay... a whole £6.30 .... so I shall have to take a picture of that too!

plus this will probably look a little weird when I post it as apple products do not support flash player and it would appear that I am currently writing in html and I have no clue (at the moment!) how to write all the gobbledy gook that makes your stuff look pretty! ;D

so onward and upwards and fingers crossed for gadget happiness! lol

xxx Take care Alex xxx