Sunday, 5 October 2008

AAArrrgggggg why is my phone line dead!

I am sat perusing the happy land of blog and suddenly my internet connection is no more........ oh well I think refresh the screen it 'll be okay!

but no..... on further investigation I realise I am missing lights on my router and I appear to be disconnected..... not to worry probably a lead....

Oh my goodness I have no dialling tone..... did I pay the bill?

Quick where's B T's number what on earth is going on!

Typical an automated line......... which number did she say.... was it 1 2 or 3!?

Okay check the line, but I am sure I paid my bill!

Yes I know there's a fault coz I am not on-line!

What do you mean you hope to have it fixed by Monday!!!!!!!


Every time I have passed the phone I have picked it up in hope of hearing a tone.... but nothing, I swear it was as if my arm had been cut off.
I got back from dropping off my daughters friend and I picked up the phone and was greeted by a familiar sound and I actually jumped for glee!

it probably caused a tsunami on the other side of the planet but I couldn't help it!

I had to cook tea and go to a carnival meeting so I have not been able to log on till now and I am back!

hooray for BT they fixed it early!

I have so much to blog I may bore you all to death and I apologies in advance.....

Bye for now

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