Friday, 27 March 2009

Easter gifts from a new friend in Finland

My Secret Easter swap partner has sent my parcel through to me and it arrived today! it only took 3 days in the post all the way from Finland...

I eagerly unwrapped it, do you find that tape becomes so much stronger when you really want to get into something!
Or is it just that our fingers become so fumbly with excitement?
Well inside my parcel I found a very cute bunny, pot holder and some yummy chocolate and i was ecstatic.....

Imagine my surprise when I opened the cellophane bag and that cheeky rabbit had been busy as he had multiplied......!

2 fantastic pot holders
(which will never hold a pot in their lives, I would rather burn my fingers!!!)
and hidden between the bunnies was a lovely cross stitch pattern and threads and a lovely card from my new Finnish friend Satu
The fantastic yellow and lime green flower fabric is a Finnish design from Marimekko and the cross-stitch pattern is from Australian Homespun and Satu very kindly sent me some embroidery threads from her own stash...

The Chocolate has been stored away for a rainy day.... which judging by today's weather will be tomorrow! lol

Thank you so much Satu and I am absolutely thrilled, the craftsmanship is amazing you are very talented indeed and I am going to get 2 new hooks on the wall so that I can hang them up and enjoy them every day....


I notice most mums have posted about the mothers day gifts that they received, I received some beautiful flowers from my mum (she bought them for Daniel to give me) and a beautiful bunch from my best friend Joanne.... together they make a even more colourful display.
Jamie wrote a card from her and Daniel and Mr P was going out to get me something but I told him he already had.... as I had bought a few things already! (he he he)

I have been very busy crocheting and sewing (a new experience for me!) and once I have worked out what I am sending to my Secret Easter swap partner I will show you the rest....

I recently sent my Heart swap parcel but as usual I completely forgot to take photo's

Wishing you all a fab weekend
Take care

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A month to get it ready...

Having read lots of posts from my blog land friends about their celebrations for St Patricks Day I have decided to get my act together as an English woman and get ready for a St Georges Day celebration on April 23rd....

The Scottish Parliament recently made St Andrews Day a bank holiday and I think the English Parliament should do the same for St George...

I think I am going to start by making some bunting.... and then I think the family will eat out that night and we will have our own "feast of St George" as its on a Thursday this year I am a little lost for other things to do.....

I want to put some planters outside our front fence on the edge of the pavement.... So I think I will plant them up with white and red flowers, and a white and red hanging basket.....

Any other ideas greatly appreciated

events to go to so far are:

Lulworth Castle

NEW to Lulworth this year is our exciting spring Dragon Egg Hunt from 5th to 17th April.

You can hunt for the dragon’s egg tokens around the Castle Park and win prizes! The friendly baby dragons will be on hand for you to meet and you can join in a Dragon procession. Be enchanted by the Golden Dragon of Spring stories. Join in the dragon themed activities, quizzes and trails including make your own Dragon!

Event included in normal admission price

Castle prices are as follows:

Adult - £8.50, Concessions - £7.00, Child (4-15) £4.00

Family (2 adults and 3 children) - £25.00

Family (1 adult and 3 children) - £16.50

Starts at: 10.30 am until 5 pm

Dunster Castle (in Somerset)

Embark upon a Knight's quest and dragon hunt in the castle gardens.

Normal Admission Charges Apply

Adult - £7.80, Child - £3.80

Family - £18.60

Family (1 adult) - £11.60

Free squashy dragon with every trail sheet

Trails available from visitor reception points

Trail takes place outdoors so please wear clothing suitable for the weather

Scheduling Information

26 April 10am - 4pm


Child £1.50 per trail

I think that will plenty to keep us going over the weekend of the 25th April in celebration of St George and being English...

Hope you all have a fantastic day, and that the sun is shining wherever you may be.

Take care