Tuesday, 23 September 2008

5c's Carnival Club

5c's started out as Chinnock & Chisleborough Childrens Carnival Club, once all the children had grown up they could no longer enter as a childrens float and became 5c's.
I remember my mum getting me involved with the Carnival around the age of 15 or 16 when I just left school as they needed someone to do the art work, back then it was a simple one deck float and all I remember painting were the side panels.
As time progressed the float grew and the art work became more elaborate. Luckily my skills grew too and it was a fantastic way to be creative on a large scale. Even though at times it could be a little daunting.
On the float shown below I designed and made the head dresses, collars, belts and shin pieces. It was a different direction to the usual use of my skills but the challenge was enlightening and I found that I enjoyed the stresses of learning new skills with a deadline looming and that the buzz you get from proving to people that you can deliver on time and exactly as described was addictive. I painted the revolving planets and drew whatever was requested of me.
5c's folded about 4 years ago, Mum moved to another local float which I became involved in last year when they were struggling to do art work for their Egyptian themed float.
I drew and painted the generator art work, I had a fantastic time painting the 2 giant King Tut masks, I drew out all the side panels and a small band of painters helped me fill in the colours. This years float will not be going out though as we are seriously lacking builders and electricians, so unfortunately we will have to work through the winter and next summer and have it ready for September 2009.

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