Friday, 26 September 2008

Thank crunchie its Friday.....

Well that's another school week nearly over, Jamie has successfully caught the bus to school and Daniel is munching down on toast while watching big cook on the telly.

Daniel and I will be attending the worlds biggest coffee morning this morning at our village hall, Dawn Woodward will be holding a fund-raising Jewellery sale. I am not sure how many locals will attend as it was the Village Cafe yesterday.

Every Thursday from 10 till 12 they hold a cafe in one end of the hall and in the other end is a small country market, Kathryn grows fruit and vegetables and sells them, Dawn has a jewellery stall, Liz has started coming with pottery she makes, Valerie brings cards and gift wrap, the church have a second hand book stall, Evie and Arthur's mum makes baby blankets and mobiles and Joanne from her little patch of heaven has started selling her wonderful cakes, cookies and muffins.

I really should pull my finger out and sell some of my creations but I hate selling the stuff, I don't mean that I am attached to it and can't let it go but I can't believe people would want to buy it and I feel embarassed asking for money for it. I think thats why I give so much away and it drives Mr Wishful mad. I love being creative and the challenge of making something different be it jewellery or a painting or a newsletter is exhilerating, but as soon as it gets to charging someone for it, I feel like a fraud and start to fumble like a bumbling idiot.

Oh well I had better go


Joanne said...

Well Alex you should sell your creations as they are just fantastic and you should have a little more faith in yourself. I've put your blog on my list now and when I get around to writing a post I shall ask all my blog friends to drop by your blog. Wait till you start to recieve comments it's like having a birthday. Don't forget tonight.

Petticoat Lane said...

Here, here...sell those creations! Thank heavens I don't live nearby as I'd find it much too hard to steer clear of Joannes fabulous cakes!!
Jane. xx

Anonymous said...

Well done Alex, what a lushious looking blog! Thanks for the mention about my jewellery in the coffee morning and cafe bit - who'd have thought it? Mudford Village Cafe being blogged about? On the subject of your creations....... you know you've got magic, you really should see where it could take you, I bet the journey would be brilliant! Go girl x