Sunday, 28 September 2008

Kitchen Inspiration

I have visited serendipity loves new york and I am inspired, I think I am going to match the colour of a poole pottery tea set my mum has given to me that belonged to my Nanny.....Nanny worked at Brypton D'Evercy boys school as the cook housekeeper and they gave her the tea set as a Christmas present. It has to be at least 34 years old as Clares boy school closed in 1974 when the owner reclaimed it as his home. Brympton D'Evercy house is considered the most beautiful house in England, and was the house at which they filmed parts of Restoration.
It has a small church where I was christnened, and is owned by a London Judge.
It's not open to the public as such but it is licensed for civil marriages, so perhaps I should start saving up and get married there.


MarmaladeRose said...

Thats a lovely tea set, the shaped is very sensuous.Yes, start saving for that wedding, you could have a pretty bridesmaid and a cute little paige boy. Thank you stopping by my blog.

Petticoat Lane said...

That's such a beautiful house, how wonderful to have been christened there.
I have a real thing for old houses and in particular their libraries.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. It did make me laugh, now everyone will realise why I was flashing so much clevage!!!!! I think you'll be safe there noone nearby was getting an all over tan (Or wind burn)!
Take care
Jane. x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi,thankyou for the mention, what a lovely thing to say! What a gorgeous home, makes me want to get married again...and I love the tea set, would go perfect in my kitchen! lol...Claire x