Friday, 3 April 2009

Heart Swap goodies and news!

Hello all,
I have been a very bad blogger and I must apologise to you all, I just can't shake this headache and it makes you feel so conbobulated!

Heart swap
I took part in a lovely swap organised by mollycupcakes and my swap partner was cupcake fantasy I must admit I struggled a little with this swap, especially as it was poorly thought through by me, as I had already signed up for an Easter swap which had a similar post date, oh well you live and learn.
My parcel arrived while I was out and I had to go to the sorting office to collect it and I have to apologise to Jayne for taking so long to collect it

But once I got my mitts on it I was very excited...

Beautifully gift wrapped in heart print paper was.....

a wonderful selection of hearty lovely things!
a knitted purse, buttons, card hearts, pegs, split pins, sequins and wire hearts
and a fabulous cross stitched heart, the detail is amazing!

A beautiful stripey fabric heart!
( I must get some pinking shears)
I love the look of these!

Thank you Jayne you really did well and I love it all...

Family Update
Well its the last day of school today and I am soooo looking forward to 2 weeks off from making a school lunchbox and having to get up and rouse an 11 year old girl who would rather curl up under her duvet and disappear for half the day!
I am going to get fit and loose some weight, so a new morning routine is going to be born
the dog will be walked every morning from Monday morning by me!
while pushing a 3 year old in his buggy!
oh dear I am going to be a real sight!
Due to the resident dog walker being away for 10 weeks (see below) I am taking over duties so that it isn't such a shock to the system once he's gone in 3 weeks!
Plus while the dog is getting use to walking with a buggy I will have Jamie to lend a hand as she's on holiday...
No more cake, (well after Mr P's birthday) biscuits and crisps will live in this house
they are to be banned along with fizzy drinks and white bread!
If I don't buy it I can't eat it!

Mr P off to the states
Mr P has finally been given the date for him to depart to Owego in the United States, luckily he will be here for Easter and his birthday and then on his travels for 5 weeks from the 27th April.... I will miss him but we have decided that we are going to focus on the positives of life and not dwell on the negatives of situations... The hotel he's staying at is apparently very good with pool, gym and jacuzzi so he has decided to utilise these facilities and come back healthier than when he went away... that's definitely thinking positive!

He'll be back for 2 weeks then back to Owego for another 5 weeks!

I have had a couple of enquiries as to where Owego is well I have found a map location and it is hereApparently it is in New York.... while searching for images I came across some pictures of some lovely American houses and for the price of our house here we could have a lovely big house with land!
Tempting? ..... yes, definitely !

While chatting to a friend I mentioned that I was going to the Shepton Mallet craft show and she asked me to get her a ticket too!
I am afraid I gave her the free one...
so this ticket is no longer available to be given away
I am not feeling quite so bad as I have had no takers as of yet anyway and as I have given it to her for nothing she has offered to drive

Crafty stuff!
I made a 2 lovely little stitched items for a very talented quilter in Australia and I have posted it to her as part of my Secret Easter Swap
I even remembered to take photo's
But I can't show you as I don't know if they have arrived yet!

I have crocheted a beach bag but I haven't photographed it yet!

Mind you with Mr P off on his travels I will have many a quiet evening and weekends to while away making and doing.... so I should be ready to start an Folksy shop soon! lol

Well I am off to put the kettle on
and I promise to be a better blogger and take my camera with me wherever I go!

Well I will try!
take care


Taz said...

Oh that cross stitch heart is gorgeous. ((Hugs)) on Mr P being away all that time.
Good luck on the keeping all the cakes, crisps etc etc out of the house, I'm always saying that then I cave in at the weekends LOL

Snippety Gibbet said...

Ooooooooh, I hope your headache is gone. Those are so debilitating. I love your swap goodies. Don't you love swaps? I love the surprises, since we don't get a lot of those in adulthood. jan

charlie said...

It's definately swap time..everyone is doing it! Mine arrived this morning but I have to wait to Easter to open it!

Taz said...

Him indoors works over in the Caspian Sea although he was delayed getting off his rig because of fog he should be getting home sometime tonight, safe and sound. ;)

rachel the krafty girl said...

im new to your blog!
just wanted to pop a note down to say hi!
that swap parcel looked like a really nice treat


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Oooooh what pretty goodies!!!! Love them. Good luck with your walking ladybug, you can do it. I have a question for you, hubby is coming to the states, where is Owega? Just curious as to what state that is. I hope you're having a wonderful evening!!!
♥ Teresa

Elenka said...

What a nice bunch of stuff!!
I was wondering where Owega was, too.
Have a nice weekend!

April said...

There's an award for you on my blog

April xx

JuliaB said...

Lovely swappy stuff! (I've just given up swaps having experienced my third 'one sided swap' grr). Sounds like a busy few weeks for you coming up x

Dotty Mays said...

Hello Alex
I love your blog - esp the side bar pictures - cute chickens!
I stumbled upon your blog from la-la lands blog ... I'm new to blogging so any tips gratefully received.
Going to sign up for updates, so I hope your headache improves so you get chance to add more ... I'd love to see what you made for the swaps


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Alex
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment on my previous post. It was very much appreciated!
What a good swap. I love the cushion with the pink heart on.
Sorry to hear that Mr P is going to be away for 5 weeks. I know I too would miss my husband. That is the right time to set yourself a project to get stuck into. Also, the excersise and cutting back on the food you have mentioned WILL pay off. When Mr P comes back from USA, he will notice the difference!
Take care and enjoy Easter!
Isabelle x