Sunday, 19 April 2009

Car bootiful...

Hello to all my blog land friends...
I have a few pic's of the bits and bobs I bought at the car boot today...
I must apologise but I didn't take my camera, I know I should have it with me at all times but Mr P doesn't like me taking pictures all the time for my blog...

he thinks I am addicted....!
ME... Addicted!
what complete nonsense ;)

Well getting there was a nightmare, as we sat on Henford Hill, a particularly nasty hill and not made any better by having to constantly stop and start all the way up it in the hot sun...

well the car in front of us overheated and the radiator threw all its water all over the road... it didn't sound healthy and the poor lady driving it looked first embarrassed then annoyed and then resigned to the fact that she was going to have to do a U turn and head for the garage down the road... very brave I thought as most would have just put the handbrake on and left it there jamming the whole place up but she coasted down the hill and out of sight!

After crawling up the hill for 25 minutes we made it to the top and eventually to the show ground, we paid our 50p and bumped our way across the slightly rutted field

Daniel unfortunately thought that every selection of toys was there just for him to sit on the grass and play with... after about 45 minutes of stopping and starting and after purchasing him a lorry, a crane and 2 flatbed trucks Mr P decided it would be a good idea for them to go back to the car so that he could play...

What a fab idea, my little Mitzi has a sliding side door and the rear seats can be slid right back to make loads of floor space, an ideal play room for Danny's new vehicles
Plus Mr P was not really interested in looking around

Jamie and I carried on, me looking for fabric and small china nic nacs and Jamie the magpie was attracted to anything shiny!

I spotted a couple of crochet hooks for 50p (you can never have enough), a lovely Royal Winton, Grimwades crescent plate, it has spring onions, peas, parsnips and beetroot all over it...for £4

I bought a roll of white broderie anglaise fabric (about 3 meters) for £1 and a big roll of Vilene soft iron on for £1

A little "fallen fairy" for 50p she has a dented wing bless her, but she looks sweet sat on my wine rack and a tin of bits, bobs and buttons for £1

I found a lovely sparkly buckle for £3, not sure what I will do with it but it appealed to me

The tin of bits and bobs has some interesting buttons and to be honest the tin although a little faded on top is quite nice for storing ... well .... Buttons!

The sun shone, and we had ice cream and Daniel and Jamie got some fresh air and we actually did something as a family for the second weekend in a row!

Next weekend I think will be just for Mr P and myself, mum is having the children for the weekend (hopefully, I still need to ask her) and I think we might go out for a meal and spend some quality time together before he heads off to the states for 5 weeks... he will have to do his own laundry too... so I may have to show him what a washing machine looks like and how the iron works... and pack clothes that say they are crease resistant... I banned him from using any kitchen machines when I cought him trying to put engine parts in the dishwasher!

Well I had better head off, the little ones asleep, Jamie is on the phone to her cousin and I have a bottle of wine to drink and some supper to eat

Thanks for popping by and I love reading your comments

Take care


5ft Inf said...

Great rather jelous of that cloudy plastic belt buckle nestling in the button tin: lucky you. I'm trying to keep away from the boot fairs at the moment, but I keep getting given stuff instead...this weekend I was given a thin, vintage leather case with a promise of a load of old wooden cotton reels to follow!
Lucky, but the creeping clutter is stealthily edging it's way back into my home!
Great blog...thanks
x 5ft inf

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Alex you're too funny (Mr. P and the washing machine!!) My mom made that comment about my Dad one time, LOL!!! Looks like we both had fun today. I love all your finds!!! That buckle, the pretty little fairy is way to cute, and what fun to go through all those buttons!!!! I love it!!!! Now you can relax and enjoy your evening playing with all your new goodies!!!

♥ Teresa

Snippety Gibbet said...

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your treasures. My favorite is the box of buttons! I dug thru my Grandma's buttons just today to use on a hair clip. Lovely.

My man doesn't mind my blog addiction since I highlight our adventures and illustrate them. Hehe.

Sarah said...

What great finds and what lovely weather it was yesterday for a boot sale.
Hubby is quite amused by my blogging and doesn't really 'get it'!

The sewing room said...

I love your treasures from the car boot particuly the fairy.Yes go to the quilting demo if you can i wish there was one by me i would certainly go.

Best wishes for the week Pat.

JuliaB said...

Extremely jealous of your finds! Especially the vintage belt buckle (yes it's a vintage belt buckle, some of them are quite valuable!!).


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Glad you were able to look around. Trucks will keep little boys busy, for awhile! Love the buckle. It is my kind of bling! Lots of goodies. The uphill battle sounded interesting. Glad you made it to where you were going.