Saturday, 18 April 2009

Creative crochet and impulse buys

Good afternoon guys and gals...
I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend
I have been busy learning to ripple as only Lucy from Attic 24 knows how... and I did it!
I started this little test piece (as suggested by Lucy) and it came good... I started it Tuesday afternoon and had it finished by Wednesday night and I have a lovely little bag just big enough for a notebook, phone and wallet... perfect for my trip to the garden center cafe for a morning cup of tea with mum and her friend plus my two.

Back at the beginning of the month I finished crocheting a beech bag and lined it so I thought I would show you a couple of pics of that too!

Not sure what to do with it now though!

I am really pleased with the lining and it was a real pain in the arse to do but it came good in the end...I used a mixture of King Cole cashmere and Rowan cashmere its is really quite soft but sturdy, it was all done in double crochet and took ages!

Out and about

Thursday is usually village cafe morning, but it has been stopped for the time being as the village hall has raised enough money to start renovations, last week we popped to the house of a lady we met at the cafe and she has a beautiful house that was apparently designed by Edwin Lutchyens and the garden was designed by Gertrude Jekyll, this week we plumped for a visit to a local garden center, not as grand as the week before but lots of fun...

After our cup of tea at the garden center we thought it rude not to pop around and have a look, which is a really big mistake as I love shopping for plants, well I ended up buying some herbs, some peas plants and a selection of flowers for my St Georges day display... now I have had many ladies in the village telling me I can't plant up pots with just red and white flowers as it signifies death.... but I am not sure if I am a believer in this superstition .... but am I brave enough to go against it...?

Who knows, you'll have to wait till next weekend to find out! lol

After filling the boots of our cars we popped back to the garden center for a spot of lunch, it was very yummy and best of all mums treat!

Yay for mums! lol

This little tin of dolly mixture was in the farm shop, and I am real sucker for pretty tins... it could have contained chocolate covered spiders and I would still have bought it!

needless to say the little man was quite happy about its contents...

This tin was also in the shop... it has a handle on the top and Danny thinks its his lunch tin...

It has the poem of the owl and the pussy cat on the side of the tin too!

The green chicken plate is Jamie's and the yellow plate is Daniel's, Nanny bought them for late Easter presents... thank you mum!

All I have to do now is plant up my pots and get my peas sorted but I think that might have to wait till tomorrow morning now as its time for a spot to eat and then bedtime for Danny

I am planning a trip to the local car boot tomorrow, but I haven't told Mr P yet, he's gone over to his mums to do a few chores and then taking her into Dorchester hospital to visit his dad...
He has had an ongoing problem for a few weeks now, well its been going on for a year but the silly old goat didn't tell anyone...

He apparently has a blockage in his lower intestine and they are monitoring him till Monday when they will make a decision about the next course of action to take... from what they can tell from the scans his lower intestine is a bit of a mess, fingers crossed they can do something...

I think he's still nil by mouth but because they have sucked a lot of yucky stuff out from the top and bottom he's now feeling hungry, and he is a very heavy smoker and no-one left any cigarette's in hospital with him so I assume the nurses are getting a hard time of it!

I am just thankful I stayed home! lol

Well I had better get a move on I am in the middle of creating pay it forward items and freestyle swap items so lots to do...

Take care


Shabby Chick said...

Hi sweetie

Good luck for the boot sale tomorrow, will look forward to seeing what you get! I must get on with my pay it forward and swap stuff too, haven't done a thing yet.

Love those chicken plates and the tin, they are lovely. I would go for it with the flowers, I try never to let superstitions stop me doing what I want! I have the big george cross flag ready to hang out of the front window :)

Mel xxx

Menopausal musing said...

Shabby Chick's right.... what have you got to lose??? You'll only be dragged out of your bed at midnight.... :O)!! Lovely, lovely varied post. x

PS: the word verification is: Mentl.... hmmmmmmmm......

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i love the bags you are clever :-)
thanks for the comment - no more chocolate for me from monday ive decided even i am getting fed up of it!!!
yes my kitchen ceiling is that high - good in some ways but not in others ! when i have to try and reach to paint it for example ! v difficult when your only 5'2"

Josie said...

the crochet bags look great, well done! and tins full of goodies, I'm just the same when I go to garden centre's and farm shops, I always buy something!
Josie x
ps) thanks for the lovely comments about my kitchen.

Sarah said...

Love the bags Alex! Looking forward to seeing what car boot sale buys you get.
I seem to be getting into too much of a habit with my impulse buys....oh em!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

OOOOh Alex, what gorgeous bags!! You are so talented, sewing, crafting, crocheting!!! Those bags are just tooo pretty!! Great job!! Love all your pretties you found too!!! Hope your father-in-law makes a speedy recovery too!!
Hugs to you!
♥ Teresa

Snippety Gibbet said...

Such gorgeous bags. I don't know how you can get these done so quickly. jan

bekimarie said...

The bags look great, I especially like the beach bag and lovely tins all the better for having yummy goodies in!
You're putting me to shame, cracking on with your PIFs. I guess i'd better get my act together and crack on myself hadn't I lol!
Take care
Beki xxx

JuliaB said...

ooh hope Mr P is ok! x

gingerwine said...

Thankyou for your lovely message!!

I'm going to paint my 3 pay it forward 'gifts' over the next couple of keep your eyes peeled!

I tend to post my blog posts in the evening xx

Sam xx

The sewing room said...

I hope your father in law is feeling better,love your bags so clever.Ihave been car booting this morning,pop over to see what i brought i could of stayed all day but hubby wanted his bacon sarnie and cuppa so had too leave,love the tins by the way.

Have a good week best wishes Pat

KirstyFish said...

huh! i want that owl and pussycat tin so badly x