Saturday, 17 January 2009

Lie ins?......... I think I remember those!

I am pretty sure a lie in is where you stay in bed till you actually want to get up...... is that right?
It has been a while and fashions change perhaps these are a thing of the past and everyone gets up before the sunshine!

Danny man awoke announcing a " a bad thing in his mouth" which I found later meant he had a sore throat! one strawberry milkshake later ( I find strawberry milkshake cures most ills) he asked if I would play cars with him.
We'll I am not really a morning person especially pre coffee, but I managed a whopping 10 minutes before I could do no more and one coffee later I zipped back to life and decided that the cars needed a garage!
After digging out a sheet of cardboard and glue, scissors and tape we set to work..... as usual Danny the "Man" was chief designer and wielder of the glue!
that was exciting! the tape dispenser got into a bit of a mess but we managed to salvage that eventually.
As with any construction and the involvement of a creative mum that is usually stifled by the mundane chores of family life I went a little "creative crazy" and this is the end result!

I had so much fun! and the day is only just starting!

The sun is out and Mr P has wandered into the lounge with a look of disbelief, but Danny man loves it and I get to share it with all my blogland friends!

Have a good weekend I am off to clear up the breakfast things!
I wish I had a dishwasher!



Anonymous said...

You are very ambitious this morning!! He looks thrilled at his new car garage. That is awesome!! What a fun Mom you are!!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

The housework seems bearable now that I have had a play!

Buffy said...

Aw bless him! thats one fantastic garage! :D far better than a shop bought piece of plastic! he'll treasure that one far more as it holds the memory of playing and creating with mum :)

I got a lay in :p my other half always gets up with lil one and the elder four are at there dads ner ner ner nerrrrrr ner lol

Housework whats that again? Lol I must do some today at some point too *sigh*

Enjoy your week end Alex x x x x

~Buffy x x

Tatty Mum said...

Look at you miss happy pants, would it be possible for you to slow down so it doesn't make the rest of us, (well me anyway) look so bad.
Though I know about the lie in thing, I was up early and I have made a small batch of Jam doughnut muffins.
Have a great weekend

Joanne xx

Ps 14 followers good on you girl.

April said...

I love it! We were up with the lark too this morning - one very excited birthday girl!!

April xx

karen said...

what a fab mummy you are. That garage is fab I bet he'll be playing with that for a long time to come.

Adele said...

Goodness Alex, if only I could that creative with a cardboard box! LOL.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, you can email me for details if you want any info but just wanted to stop by and acknowledge your kindness.

Thanks again,
love Dingle.xx

Buffy said...

Happy Blog arranging! lol each time I come over it's changing hehe you must be hard at it as we speak :D

I have popped over to offer you an award for your Fabulous blog.

Fabulous Blog

~Buffy x x

Anonymous said...

I know Buffy gave you this already, but now you have two! The fabulous blog award from me! Love your new look!

Tatty Mum said...

OK I know a change is as good as a rest, the blog looks great I love the Photo you've used on the title.
Hey how do you get you photo's to enlarge when you click on them.

Joanne xx

Raspberry Cupcake said...

That garage is fantastic! Not bad for a sheet of cardboard and some glue! I am very impressed!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Wow! That is awesome! Sometimes I think that we should give kids plain old boxes in abundance...then see what they come up with. Such a good opportunity to develop your own creativity.