Sunday, 18 January 2009

An award for all the blogs I follow........

I have received a Fabulous award from Buffy's Charms. She is very similar to myself I think in that she will have a go at almost anything creative..... the only problem I suffer from is I want to do so much I sometimes don't get started at all!

I am going to pass this blog to all the blogs I follow, and I apologise but this could be the longest blog I have ever written! it has taken me 2 days...... ! I realise some of you already have this one but please read on anyway!

1. 23 beechHill
Laurie's blog is fresh and always different, could be crafty could be everyday life and always a joy to read, her textile art is to die for!
2. abitofpinkheaven
Ele is a new addition to the blogs I visit, and I love the change of perspective, seeing things from a completely different part of the globe, her items are eclectic, pretty and pink! and her craft ideas and creations are beautiful and insightful...
3. Attic24
I have never know someone to crochet such wonderful colourful blankets.... she shares her tips and secrets and makes you feel like you to could create something as beautiful as this! ....if only!
4. Cake makes the world a better place
You never know what to expect from April, it could be craft, family life or just plain old fun! she has a heart of gold and completely out of the blue sent me a beautiful cross stitch Christmas decoration.... I know you have already received this award but I couldn't leave you out !
5. Curlew Country
Steph's blog is so reminiscent of my childhood memories of proper country life, her decor makes you feel cosy and welcome.
6. Cut it and pin it
Taz is my kind of gal, down to earth straight from the hip. I love her blog because it is like chatting with an good friend!
7. From Kelly's kitchen
I am a fairly new visitor to Kelly's Kitchen but the food she makes is to Die For! I think she has already received this award from buffy but you have to visit her !
8. If Mama Ain't Happy......
Now I know that you have already received this award and in fact that you have awarded it to me ...... again! and I love ya for this kindness! but I do love your blog you make me smile with your warmth and kind words, I would so love to pop over for a slice of your latest cake! it would be a bit of a trip though so maybe another time! lol
9. Jellybelly*jellybrain
Emma is one very talented lady but often writes the most hilarious posts, I think you have already received this award but I couldn't miss you out!
10. Karens play time
Now Karen hasn't blogged in a while, but I know she's about as she has left the odd comment, and I must apologise to you for not finishing your painting yet! I am so bad....... sorrrrryyyyyy! I seem to have lost my painting mojo! and with all the illness over the holidays it kinda got overlooked, I will complete it as soon as I can! promise!
11. Life and craft of Dilly Dally Dingle
This lady makes the most amazing cards, her eye for detail is amazing! If you haven't visited her yet you must pop over and take a look!
12. Little Patch of Heaven
I love Joanne to bits, she is my best friend and we have a fair amount of" girls hitting the town big time" history! but I will divulge no further! I know you told me not to send this to you as you already have been awarded it but.........ta da!
13. MarmaladeKiss
JuliaB is one very creative lady, and I love to read her comings and goings.... her creative tips and see what she has been up too.... she always surprises me, just when I think I have her sussed she pulls out a part of her that I had never imagined existed...
14. MarmaladeRose
This ladies work is fascinating, probably because felting is something I have never done.... If she were to run a felting course I would book a holiday and attend! I love her felted art work, her bags, embroidery,crochet etc etc....... in one word "Stunning"
15. Mollycupcakes
This is a lady with a big day to be planned, I love her blog as its always a mix of craftiness with a little family life mixed in!
16. Notes from my days
Lesley I have sussed it, I now understand why I love your house! I am also 37 and a leo ! Spookily enough Mr P's name is Leslie! oooohhhhooooohhhhhh!
Go for it girl! let your creativity run wild it is all in there, just give it some room to breath!
17. Patchwork Pottery
Her work is so different, and exciting and I just love it... she inspires me to try new things and not to give up... she recently blogged about an item that did not work out but showed her persistence in making it work! fantastic!
18. Petticoat Lane
It is fascinating to see someones life, loves and experiences.... most of which I will never know, I can't see us going to Disney, owning a villa in Cyprus (or anywhere else for that matter) and its a real thrill to share her excitement and fun times! Thank you!
19. pink-petal-designs
I love her work, its as simple as that! I am asking family members to buy gifts for my birthday from my blog land friends, and this lady is on my Birthday wish list! Don't worry its not till August, so hopefully your shop will be stocked up by then! lol
20. Serendipity loves new york
I love this blog as it is a view of a different life to my own, I would love to be this stylish and organised, but it will never happen I am a collector of "stuff" and I will just have to visit this lady and marvel at her lifestyle!
21. Sykesssillysite
This lady is a moresbag maniac, I had never heard of them till I met her and now I watch with awe as she creates more and more! Her blog is a mixture of everyday life with all the ups and downs of everything, I love it as it is real and makes me feel reassured, knowing I am not alone and that I can offer support to another who has days much like my own sometimes, and laugh with her when the sun is shining!
22. Tag Along Teddies
I love her chatty, friendly blog and I love her and Abyquilt for starting the snowball rolling with my year long challenge to finish a project a month! It has been an absolute god send and the motivation it has given me is so addictive! I love patchwork, but alas I am not very good at it, so I will visit those that are and swoon!
23. Abyquilt
Well you and Tag are a double act, what can I say! I am swooning!

I realise a lot of you have already received this award from other sources but I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your blogs and how they inspire me to push myself to better myself in the areas I know I am lacking!

Thank you everyone and I look forward to 2009 with my diverse and extraordinary friends!

Take care everyone


YKDWhat? said...

This is so nice of you!

I just found your blog off of another one and thought you might have a fun story for our site! :)

Josie said...

awww thank you for the lovely comments
Josie x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Thanks Sweetie - us Leo's should stick together LOL - oooo you got me all inspired - I'm like a woman who has just got the vote !! I will create! I will make things!!! off I go..... will just have a cup of tea first ............. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Hi again :-) I think that wallpaper just on one wall would look fab - i wont be doing more than a wall in any room to be honest as I think that is more than enough!!! I am collecting more samples today so will make a decision and get started soon I hope!!! Lesley x

Taz said...

Awww that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me since the last nice thing you said about me :) Thanks hon.

MarmaladeRose said...

I popped over to say thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog Alex. I meant so much to me. And now I've got here I find even more kind words. You are so generous, it really means alot to me to have your interest and support, thank you.
As for selling my work. I have exhibited my work once in an open art exhibition at my local city art gallery and I did sell the piece. (as you can imagine, I was shocked, surpised and completely thrilled) I'm hoping to open an online shop soon, and I do sell in a local gift shop in Reeth or to anyone who gets in touch with me. If you have any tips on this subject they'd be gratefully recieved. I have such a huge lack of confidence in my own Talk again soon. Thankyou. love Fi x

ps. If I ever run a felting course, you'll be the first to know, lol!

MarmaladeRose said...

Ha,ha,ha, famous, oh you are funny! but thank you for the compliment.
Yes I know what you mean about how much to charge. When I look at etsy and folksy sites, it makes me realise how much I should be charging for some of my stuff. I don't expect to get enough to cover how many hours I spend making something, cos thats just not going to happen. My philosophy is that I'm going to carry on making stuff anyway because thats what I love doing, so if I get some money back for it to buy more materials and a little extra, then thats a bonus. Do you know what I mean. I used to do portraits in pencil from photos for friends, but never charged enough for them.

I'm very flattered that you would like one of my felt pictures. The gift shop in Reeth had two of mine for sale before Christmas and one of them was the foxglove picture. Now I know they sold one, but I don't know which one it was. I can ring them and if they still have the foxglove one, then it's yours if you would like it. Oh, forgot to say, the picture is already framed, if you go to my blog I'll post a couple of pics so you get an idea of what the frame looks like. It's a light pine coloured wood. I won't be offended if you don't want it. I know there are other things to spend money on at the moment rather than textile artwork. If you would like to email me and I can give you an idea of price and size. Love Fi x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh my goodness you just made me laugh out loud with your comment about my wallpapering ! funnily enough my friend at school was asking which bit i had done and when i explained she said did you not think to just chose a blank wall which would have been easier LOL oh well in at the deep end!!! i saw the greeny wallpaper in the other colours and its very nice!! Lesley x

saraeden said...

Thank you so much for asking ,it was very sweet of you !!
Everything is ok honest i just had a bit of a drama queen moment !!

Sara x

Buffy said...

Aw your so welcome Alex x

Thanks :)

I too find it hard to get started! even though I have a million ideas lol

~Buffy x x

PatchworkPottery said...

What a wonderful post!I loved looking at each & every one of the links! Thank you so much for sharing and including me!
Hugs, Laurraine

mollycupcakes said...

Awww sweetie you are lovely.
I'm just doing my blog and thanking you for the other award.
So here is a big THANKYOU for this one too.
Have a yummy weekend,
Catherine x

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Alex! Just popped in to say thanks for visiting and I find you've given me an award! How lovely of you!! It's always wonderful to find that people enjoy popping in for a read and a giggle - I giggle at myself quite frequently, so may as well share the fun! Tee! Hee! Hee! Oh - and your rag doll is lovely, too! I think she needs some friends, so will look forward to seeing your new creations! Thanks again for the award! Bear Hugs! KRIS