Monday, 12 January 2009

A Challenge to keep me going all year

I recently visited my friend Joanne and noticed she has joined a challenge from abyquilt.

I have to try to complete at least ONE craft project by the end of each month. This can be something I've had partly done for a while or a pattern or a kit you bought ages ago that you finally get around to making.
You can join at ANY TIME - there is no cut off or deadline, you just have more chances of winning some fun prizes the sooner you join

You have to put up this badge on your blog (with a link back to abyquilt) and make a list of the monthly projects you have finished.

Now I am not a quilter, I do love to sew and have a wonderful machine (which I have never used to its full potential) I love fabric and colour, after all I did train to design the stuff ( I am a fully fledged Surface Pattern Designer ya Know!) but with all this in mind I may not qualify to join but go over and check out abyquilts blog she is one very talented lady!

I have already started a fabric project this month, it all started with Daniel not being very happy when the Christmas decorations came down, so I decided that I would make him some birthday bunting. I have found some ribbon that I saved from a gift box and dug out some fabric that will lend itself nicely to this months project. I could do with some bits of pattern so I will try to find a fabric shop in town to purchase a few fat quarters, I have very little selection when it comes to fabric.

I will take some photo's during the production process, I will omit the unpicking and redoing sections as that wouldn't give you the impression of perfection that is Alex!!!! Yeah right!

I have already had to unpick one triangle as I didn't put it face to face when I sewed it up! Doh!

I had better get on, I still have no car so I will have to take Danny on the bus into town, he's really excited.... I am not so keen as its a grey rainy day and I have a cough that makes my head want to explode! plus I still have invoicing to do for Mr P.... Happy days!

Take care
thanks for dropping by, Alex x


Josie said...

that sounds like a good challenge,
Josie x

Buffy said...

Good on you I do like a challenge myself but, given I just got my sewing machine for Xmas, I think I need to skill myself up a wee bit before I consider this one! :D

I look forward to seeing your contributions, your work is always so pleasing to the eye, you are an inspiration!

I popped by to offer you this award x x x x

I have Awarded you a Marie-Antoinette award for your blogging.

Read my post Marie-Antoinette to see what you can do next if you so choose to.

No offense taken if you choose not to, I know these linky Chain type things can be quite annoying for some lol.

Happy New year!!
~Buffy x x

Tatty Mum said...

Welcom to the challenge, I'm glad you joined as we can nag each other but on the other hand can you not be so good at this stuff please already started a project, ahead of me already please give me a chance tee-hee.
joanne xx