Friday, 9 January 2009

Chilly Tilly.......

Chilly Tilly indeed.....
The lamp in my garden is garlanded with cobwebs that have been bejewelled by Jack and his frost fairies.....
The seed heads look like snowflakes and the branches and twigs seem to have sprouted ice flowers and buds.
I so love the cold dry days as apposed to the cold wet days but if the forecast is anything to go by we will have rain later this week.
As we only have the open fire in the lounge and an oil filled radiator at the top of the stairs I am quite proud that I have managed to keep the house at a tepid 13 degrees c so far today..... Yeovilton air base registered the temperature as -8 this morning so I am more than happy with 13.
Well Christmas is over and Jamie has returned to school, due to the flood they have brought in 2 temporary classrooms and they are hoping to get years 1 and 2 back to school on Monday (12th) as I understand it everything is in a bit of a muddle and a little of a tight squeeze but I am sure it is an adventure for the children.
As they have no hall to do PE in and very little playground that isn't covered with skips and workman's vehicles they are venturing out on a lot of welly walks, needless to say Jamie is very tired when she gets home from school.

Christmas seems like a dim memory as everything slips back to reality, I received so many lovely gifts this year that I felt wonderfully loved, Mr P spoilt me rotten and showered me in gifts which all fitted me and were things that I have seen but never felt deserving off. Jamie and Daniel had a lovely Christmas and Daniel being 3 wondered out loud on Boxing day morning why Santa hadn't left more gifts under the tree!

I didn't have to cook a Christmas dinner this year as we visited my Mum and Dad's, unfortunately I awoke Christmas morning with the threat of a chesty cold, I survived till the end of father in laws birthday on the 27th whereupon I succumbed to the inevitable, curled up on the settee and died!
Everything I seemed to eat made me dissolve into coughing fits and with the sneezing and shivering I must have been a sight to behold.... I am still coughing and feel a little spaced out but hey ho! 'tis the season to cough and splutter!

As its a chilly day I think its got to be porridge for us, breadcrumbs, grated cheese and stale cake for the birds, carrot, fresh water, dried food and cabbage for the guinea pig and some biscuits for the dog and the household is fed.

I am looking forward to a cup of tea and a slice of my Christmas cake,
I followed a recipe in the Christmas Good Food magazine for a light Christmas cake and it is really nice and nutty. I have never made a Christmas cake or even iced a cake before and I loved doing it, what a fantastic excuse to be creative with icing and marzipan. I may well start making birthday cakes instead of buying them.

Its Daniels birthday at the end of the month and it is on a Saturday so we are all off for the day to Haines Motor Museum (he is a typical boy and loves anything with an engine), I can't remember the last time we went out for the day as a family but I have decided that I am making all efforts to reclaim the traditional family weekend.
Instead of trying to cram the shopping, DIY and all the other mundane stuff into the only 2 days we are all at home I am going to try my best to do at least one fun thing as a family.
Perhaps fly a kite, or go to the beach or visit a stately home, it doesn't have to cost money but we need to make good use of our time this year as Mr P may be working in the states every other month. Jamie's birthday is in February so I will have to search out something fun to do on her birthday ....
I am planning our first family holiday too!
I am going to try and book a beach hut holiday, I have found some lovely beach huts at
and some of them have sleeping accommodation, I think it would be a fantastic adventure to sleep practically on the beach, Jamie is very excited at the prospect...

I hope you all had fantastic Christmas's and I wish you health, wealth and happiness for the New Year.



Tatty Mum said...

Holy moly what's up with you, the new look is fantastic but it's awfully grown up but it does look brillant.
Great photo's on the post as well, hey I'm going to change mine again over the weekend.
Have a good weekend and hopefully we're get together next week.
Joanne xx

Taz said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly too. Like you say tis the season eh? Love your pictures and glad to see the school is getting back open. Did the flood affect your wonderful school garden?
A beach hut holiday sounds perfect and I have to admit I've saved your link. We're always on the lookout for a holiday with a difference.

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks divine and so yummy, what talent. Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog and meeting new people!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Now a beach hut holiday sound fab! Perfect for children!! Hope your feeling better, mine is still hanging around and have been left with two horriable cold sores on my lip....yuk!! At least you didnt have to cook christnas dinner...lucky thing, I cant ever see me getting out of that one!!! Claire xx

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love the photo of that lamp. Really unique.

And what is that cake????????? It looks like a fruitcake with fondant icing. It looks heavenly!!!!!!!!