Thursday, 15 January 2009

January's Project

Hello, I hope you are well..... I have just returned from the village cafe. I have had a lovely morning chatting to my mum and a whole gang of friends.... Danny had a good time running around with a cardboard tube shooting everyone! I don't think I will buy him any toys for his birthday I am just gonna get a selection of boxes and tubes from the supermarket....! lol

Well it looks like Mr P will be jetting off to America in the middle of February, He'll be here for Daniels birthday but I think he will have gone before Jamie's.... So I will need to think of a cheap yet amazing day out for her this year! He should be back mid March so I will be crafting like a mad thing to keep myself busy while he's away....

I have completed Daniel's birthday bunting, now be nice.........
I know its not the best but it's the first time I have used my machine for anything other that straight stitch....

He loves mechanical things, I should have done a car but circles are tricky!
I saved a length of spotty ribbon off a Christmas gift and it came in very handy.

I had a spare triangle so I added a heart and some wadding and made a little loop with some ribbon.

Oh don't look too closely it is really rough, every time I step away from my machine I return to find every knob has been twiddled and altered and stitch style changed, as it has a foot peddle my little man thinks that he can drive it like daddy's car!

and yes I know I need to buy some thread in some different colours, but I didn't realise I was going to do any arty sewing.... honest!

I like to cut all my shapes out of lino sample tiles, they last really well and if you want shapes for the children to draw around they don't get damaged and they are flexible too!

I have to admit this sewing stuff is quite addictive, I think its the way the picture can grow and it does it really quickly..... its very exciting!

I may have to read my sewing machine hand book and see what else this machine can do!

Seeya later, thanks for popping by...
x Alex


karen said...

wow how cool os that bunting Danny is one lucky little boy well done you !!!
hope your all well speak to you soon

Tatty Mum said...

Well you've been keeping that talent well hidden, the bunting is brillant, don't forget to send a picture to kris or May for the one a month challenge.

Joanne xx

Taz said...

Oh my word that bunting is gorgeous. My other half works away at a month at a time so I know how it goes with keeping yourself busy. Now if we could only get to the pub together ;)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Alex! I got your email about finishing this project but I don't have your details on my list of challenge participants, so if you've like to email me with them, that would be great. The bunting looks wonderful! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Anonymous said...

I think it is adorable!! Great job!!!! I love it!! Sewing machines should come with warnings huh? housework will get done, etc. It's very addictive!!!! Love the bunting!! xx

Kelly said...

Love the bunting!!!!!
So glad to know you, you crafty lady!

Buffy said...

The bunting is adorable!

When you said you had a singer I expected an old black thing with a large wheel at the end! lol thats a rather posh looking Singer! ;)

The vinyl tip is a great one! thanks :D
~Buffy x x

Snippety Gibbet said...

Ah, your husband is heading over to Salisbury. That's about two hours from me. We go to Salisbury once a year to do a hundred mile bike ride from the university to the ocean and back.