Saturday, 19 February 2011

7 things about me that won't change your life .....

I'm pretty sure you don't really need to or want to know these things about me but Taz of "Cut it and Pin it" fame says I have to so here goes....

however the rules state I have to gift Taz with a compliment and to be honest I could not say a bad word about her... she's mad, fun and one of the best "virtual" friends a girl could ask for and if it weren't for the 527 miles between us, and as I wouldn't travel by car it would take 1 day and 3 hours to get there by train..., I think we would be good pub going friends getting up to all sorts of mischief... however as I am in the south and she is in the north I will stick to soaking up her wit, charm and good humour through blogging and facebook...
luv ya hunni bun!

 I left Stockport art college with a HND distinction in Surface Pattern Design and was offered a job in Oldham designing duvet covers and bedding...
I turned it down as I thought I was in love with my boyfriend back in Somerset... I returned home, bought a house with him and set up a studio in a member of his families converted loft space above a barn ... With an agent in Stoke I sold many designs to Europe for wallpapers, tea towels and bedding... I however struggled to change from working in a studio with 15 other girls to suddenly being on my own and I gave it up... and got a "proper" job working in Boots the Chemist.... it paid the bills and was the easy option...

I use to play the piano as a child, I could not grasp reading music but I could learn a piece by memory and almost conned my piano teacher into thinking I was really good... however I forgot to turn the page on the music and she caught me out... I resented all the practice and gave up at about 14 ... I think! ;D

I learnt to ride a horse at a very early age at RNAS Yeovilton... I was apparently good... although I did have a tendency to fall off.... a lot!
I carried on horse riding till I was 16 but as I went with a friend and her mum it all ended when we went our separate ways at college.... I still love horse riding and one day I will ride again...

I am afraid of heights and of the dark... and spiders are not good either! ;D

I dream of the day of having a pair of real cowboy boots ... and then one day riding a real ranch horse in America... and it will happen ! lol

Things I have done or tried...
Ballroom and Latin American dancing (to grade silver), Trampolining (competitions and for fun) , Piano, Abseiling (eldest brothers idea of fun! ), Windsurfing (eldest brothers on shot out to sea, jumped off swam back... Greg didn't tell me how to turn it around!), Rollerskating (roller skated everywhere, even with a portfolio and art box), Horse riding, Ice Skating (on the odd occasion we visited an ice rink!), Skiing (snow for a school trip to Italy! and artificial all the time when they built a slope in Yeovil which is now derelict), Swimming( all the time at the old Yeovil pool)

I am a run of the mill, not very interesting know it all.... I love to learn but I zone out when people continuously drone on about things that do not interest me... I try to be polite and focus my mind but I find it incredibly hard... I am far too accommodating and will do what other people want to do rather than disagree... as I hate to upset people and hurt their feelings... I am my own worse enemy! ;D

there you have it... I was struggling with that.... its times like these that you realise you are really sad... lol

anyway I will pass this onto anyone that fancy's a challenge! ;D

x Alex


Anonymous said...

Phew... exhausted just reading some of what you got up to!
And I'll let you off pinching the name of my blog to describe yourself!
Good read...x

lisa ridgeon said...

Wow, you have certainly been a busy bee over the years. I used to love roller skating, i spent every saturday at the Roller City, skating around in circles for several hours. Ah, happy days.


Joanne said...

Hi buddy, I think I already knew most of that about you anyway but let me just say you certainly aren't a run of the mill, not very interesting kinda of person because you are the best buddy any one could ask for and I only told you the other day I have learnt an awful lot from you over these past years, you are a very interesting, fun loving, generous, understanding, brilliant listener, talented lady (well may be not so much of a lady lol) who makes my days worth living.
love you loads.x

p.s thanks for the plug on your side bar. x

The sewing room said...

Wow l am tired just thinking about all that,at least you have a topic of conversation l tend to be a wall flower hiding in the back ground. I can rollerskate quite good and ice skate a little bit but none of the others to energetic for me LOL well done.

Hugs Pat.

Taz said...

Awww I love you more petal (((hugs)))
And wow you are an amazingly accomplished woman :o
One day we'll get to sit in that pub and cause mischief ;) xxxxx

Crystalrainbow said...

gosh you have been a busy girlie :) thanks its lovely to hear about peeps x x x

Snippety Gibbet said...

I always enjoy reading those fascinating facts about people. Your life experiences have been rich.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Aw shucks... I thought I was rather boring and uninteresting! lol

trouble is there is so much more that I want to do... better write that list and start ticking a few off! ;D

x Alex

Joanne said...

Hi you, thanks for the lovely comment you left for me. And you know me so well as I almost didn't post it after reading it back through a few times, there's a lot of work to be done on this old mind of mine. hee hee

see you soonx

Menopausal musing said...

Wow! You have it in all areas. Definitely NOT run of the mill!!!! Loving that header of yours.

Callies Cottage said...

You have tried a lot of things! Well done!!!
Anything you would like to rty but havent?
Warm Wishes,
Callie x

smilernpb said...

Hey, cool facts. It's always nice to learn something totally random about someone! lol Hugs xx

D @ Homemade & Happy said...

Hi Alex
Oh I love these - so fascinating having a new glimpse into your life - thank you :-)
Cowboy boots ... I totally agree with this one, and ideally I'd have a red or green pair, they being my favourite colours for footwear.
Wishing you a happy weekend - hope the sunshine stays!
D x