Saturday, 5 March 2011

ooohhh new toys!

Jamie wanted a laptop of her own and now that I no longer need to use word, spreadsheets and powerpoint I don't really need a laptop... so Jamie will be using the newly cleared off Vaio and I have put a little extra money in the kitty and upgraded to a Ipad... not sure its me but I will have to suck it and see! ;D

We have a business PC for Les's work so I can still do some boring and mundane stuff but I will not be using it for personal stuff... as of yet I haven't tried putting photo's onto the tiny little do dah so bear with me guys and gals...

I also bought a sewing box/table on castors from ebay... a whole £6.30 .... so I shall have to take a picture of that too!

plus this will probably look a little weird when I post it as apple products do not support flash player and it would appear that I am currently writing in html and I have no clue (at the moment!) how to write all the gobbledy gook that makes your stuff look pretty! ;D

so onward and upwards and fingers crossed for gadget happiness! lol

xxx Take care Alex xxx


bigwords is... said...

Good luck learning your way around your new ipad. They are really great fun to use! Cute blog, love the background rose print it's gorgeous!

Newest follower, pop over to bigwords if you get a chance!

lisa ridgeon said...

Congrats on the new toy! I rather fancied one of those but decided it wasn't for me as it doesn't have a USB port and other laptop type useful bits. So, i've decided now that i realy love and deffinately have to have the Dell Inspiron Duo. It's oh so pretty so i'm being on my best behaviour until my birthday in May.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love technology? Well, in my case, in the words of Paul Daniels... 'not a lot'. I love it for the immediacy of emails, for blogs and so on, but once it goes wrong, or gets too complicated to use, forget it.
Hope all is well Alex.

A Blessed Life said...

Hi lex, glad its you and not me,I am absolutely hopeless at working things out but the state of envy set in lol you will be fine as you seem to be able to get on top of whatever comes your way..have fun with your toy xx

Taz said...

Cooooooooooool! ;)