Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What would you do if you won the lottery ?

If you won a few million what would you do with it?

I haven't won anything by the way... in fact I am pretty sure to win it you have to take part and I cannot remember the last time I bought a lottery ticket! lol

but how would you live or spend or share the money?

would you tell anyone?

I have a dream of buying an old farm... you know the courtyard variety where all the outbuildings look in towards the central courtyard...

each outbuilding would be turned into a small but perfectly formed unit for a crafty creative person that wanted a space to express whatever their talent manifested itself as be it pottery, painting, jewellery making, carving, sewing... etc
I would rent these units out at very reasonable rates and each unit would have a pay as you go electric meter, water and a toilet... and I would pay the business rates so that they didn't have to.. stupid rule for people that just want to make something and get enough money back to make some more...
the final larger space would be a little coffee shop with space for hand crafted goods to be offered for sale...

I'd perhaps have a walled garden where I grew some vegetables and fruit...

I would send my parents on holiday with my youngest brother as their chaperon! lol
and while they were away I would get their house sorted out... new windows proper heating and a water heater that works... or if they preferred move them into a bungalow...

Mr P's mum and dad are trickier... they do not accept charity or gifts in any way shape or form... they would have to be duped into accepting a bungalow or a new car...

Obviously I'd get rid of debts and get ourselves straight... set up accounts for the children's futures... I would probably keep this little house and buy another to do up and rent out... therefore when the children want somewhere to live they already have their foot on the property ladder...

Me thinks the money would be gone pretty quickly lol!

well enough of dreaming I had better get on with the housework! ;D

The children are off with mum and dad today... they have gone to the OAP Luncheon club at Odcombe where mum and dad both grew up so hopefully they will be worn out with all the elderlies oohing and ahhing over them! and I have just returned from the scrapstore where I met the leader of the Pre-school that Daniel attends and I have been helping her come up with some creative ideas for things for the children to make for Fathers Day except its not allowed to be called fathers day in case the children don't have a dad living at home.

I am going to make a couple of prototypes and I will take photo's once they are done...

We had a power cut yesterday from 3pm till just gone 9pm..
it was surprisingly peaceful
no telly.. no xbox.. just children playing as they should!


x Alex


Mother0fPurl said...

Ooooh I would buy a home- nothing grand, just somewhere out in the countryside with room for chickens and maybe a goat! I'd go down to working part time, buy a camper van and then save the rest I think! I like the idea of your little craft village x

Jenn said...

Hmmmm...great minds think alike or should I say dream alike. Would get us our own place, get my best friend a place, pay off bills and save the rest. Okay would probably open a yarn store.

smilernpb said...

Ooh, I love dreaming of a lottery win! Although I really stand no chance of winning as I don't actually buy a ticket - oops.

Anyway, what I would do, firstly is NOT tell anyone. I'd pay off what we owe, treat us to a few off the mortgage and give P's Mam some money and give my Mum something too....but I'd just tell them that I'd won X amount, so they thought I was just sharing it with them, and that was all.

I'd invest some in property, like you say, something for each of the kids, and that'd be about it.

I think knowing that we didn't need to worry about money would be fabulous.

Ooh, I could dream for ages.....nighty night xx

Taz said...

I'm thinking somewhere with no neighbours where I can have all the chickens and pigs and weeds I like.
Definately a camper van for our jollys.
I'd also rent one of your spaces ;) I guess that would mean I'd have to move down a bit closer to you all too. Quick Move Alex!! lol

Definately invest in some property to call my own and to help get the smalls feet on the property ladder, set up funds for them going off to uni/college etc.

All pie in the sky though as I think the last time I bought a lottery ticket was about 14 years ago. :)

Menopausal musing said...

I'd have my teeth out and all made nice dentally. Then I would smile my head off. Might buy one of those vintage silver caravans from the states (airstream?). Would like to buy somewhere each for my children too..... Nice to dream, eh?

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh I like this game! Your dreams sound great :)

I would buy a big old townhouse with a walled garden, a ruby red campervan, a house for my brother and give my mum some cash for retirement. Then I'd get the house all done up exactly as I wanted it with a handcrafted bespoke kitchen and lots of Bridgewater china, a huge dining table that could fit loads around and have a huge party!!!

Mel xxx

lisa ridgeon said...

Ah, the lottery dream. I don't buy a ticket either. Money is evil and brings out the worst in people. Ok so that's a bit harsh but i don't think i'd want to win millions as you need the incentive to get up in the morning and earn a crust and get the satisfaction of knowing what you have is deserved.

I love your craft village idea though so i'll keep my fingers crossed that your numbers come up.