Sunday, 17 May 2009

typing is a bit tricky.. but here goes!

It was Joanne and M's 10th wedding anniversary party last night and Danny and Jamie got all dressed up... it vwas a 20's gangsters and mols fancy dress party and I really struggled with my conciense about buying an outfit that fitted the bill or something I would wear again... I went for wear again and bought some pinstripe trousers and a white blouse...
Danny was easy (and cheap) to kit out... the most expensive things being the hat and gun, but Jamie loves the hat so I can see it bei ng worn again...

Jamies dress is an original dress given to my mum by an elderly la\dy that she nursed when I was little, she was a ballet dancer and was married to a Cinema owner... I use to wear the dress when I was Jamies age...

She also had her hair cut short and wasn't keen on it at the time, but once nanny gave it the seal of approval she loves it more than ever.. (she's nannys girl!!)

As sual picture of me... camera shy! ;D

Joanne did a fabulous job decorating the hall.... but we came on early... Danny needed to go to bed and he really dislikes loud disco's... Jamie wanted some tea... and I was feeling a bit rough as my cold is still lingering... plus I could hear the rather loud whisers of "who's that" and the replies of " thats Joannes friend" I was feeling a bit "billy no mates" so I thought its rtime to go! I am not keen on going out and I think I will omit from social gatherings in the future, I love Joanne dearly but I am no longer a party girl... I can't drink any more with out having the most debilitating hangovers and wheres the fun in that... no a cup of Ovaltine, a good film and my crochet and I am sorted!

and the reason for the dodgy tyhping...
something I haven't done since my nightclubbing days...

false nails!

ahhhhh I can't do anything!
I have to get them off... asap!

they were a veryh bad idea....



Eclectic Pink Rose said...

LOL!!! Oh Alex you make me laugh, I thought the reason you couldn't type was maybe because you' d um had a few nips too many!! And then it just turns out to be your nails!! You're exactly like me though, I'm not a socialite that much anymore either. Sounds like a wonderful party though, and your little ones look adorable!!! I bet they loved dressing up!! Very cute. Have a wonderful day!
♥ Teresa

oh and I almost are the sweetest thing thinking of me when you see rose china, I bet with the long trip it would have coming here, it would wind up being material for mosaics!! lol!!! You're a sweetie!

Leanne said...

Hi alex, just checking in! i will be posting your rosie parcel on wednesday, thats the first day i can get to a PO. hope thats ok!

Leanne x

bekimarie said...

Sounds like a great party, my eldest would of loved it. He wants that kind of theme for his 21st next year.
Your kids look great and I bet they had loads of fun dressing up!
Beki xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

a cool theme for the party the children look fab :-)
i am with you on the party days being over - 2 glasses of wine and Im very muggy headed the next day so I tend to avoid it (well ok sometimes I have a glass after a hard day ;-) )
hope the nails come off LOL
i need to start the swap - ive got stuff written down but i dont think you would appreciate a piece of paper with my ideas for each letter on it LOL
Lesley x

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Me again, lol!! I just had to share this with you, it was on the front page of the news this morning staring me in the face over my coffee and I thought of Mr. P!
very interesting!
♥ Teresa

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

okay let me try this again, sorry, that link didn't work.

ok that should work, copy and paste it to read the story. ;)

Tatty Mum said...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy yourself, I wish you had let me know last night. I to am no longer a party girl but this was a one off special occaision.
Every one else has let us know what a great time they had last night and I feel really upset that you feel that way and really wish you had said something as I consider you a very good friend.

Joanne x

Gingerbread said...

What a great theme for a party the outfits look really good, sounds like you had a great time. Oh and Alex you need to email your address to me at, guess why. best wishes Julie.C

Raspberry Cupcake said...

Hi Alex
Sorry Iv not been around, Iv not been very well and just withdrew from everything!
I hope you are ok and have been keeping busy! It certainly sounds like it!
Claire x

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hey, Alex.........The package finally arrived today. You won't believe what shape it was in!!! But the contents survived and I absolutely adore them!!! Thanks so much, Friend. Take a look at how they arrived:

Joanne said...

Hiya, no to the sore head as I only had a couple and that was enough for me to chill out. I was really pleased with the effort every one made.
Now we really do have to pull our belts in, well want to really.

Don't forget to follow my new blog.

Hugs Joanne x

Jenn said...

Your little ones looked fabulous!
And I agree with chosing something that can be worn again(especially for us non-partiers).
You poor thing, hope you've gotten your nails off. And that cold needs to go too. Thanks for the lovely comment.

Joanne said...

Hi how's it going are you feeling better now?
thanks for visiting my new blog, well you think i'm mad wanting to be that organised wait to you hear my next crazy idea, I want to home school the kiddies. I know mad, crazy but I really want to do it.

Joanne x

Anonymous said...

The kiddies are just darling!!! What a fun theme too!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Alex
It sounds as if a lot of fun was had! Have you been to Cranmore yet? If you do, look around on your way, some the the scenery may be familiar...
Take care
Isabelle x