Saturday, 9 May 2009

I am still here...

I have been very busy for the past few days as I seemed to have signed up for another swap... I am sooo silly! but I love them ... and the way that giving gifts makes me feel... I am self medicating my need to spread the love!

I think I should have been around in a different era... I love the fashion of the Doris Day 50's with the nipped in waists and full petticoat skirts...
I would have loved to have seen the glory days of the big houses with the ladies in their corseted dresses roaming around the big houses and sitting doing lady like things in the follies... Mind you back in those days I would probably have been a scullery maid though....

I have the finishing touches to my last PIF to do and I have signed up for 3 swaps so far
A FRIENDS swap, A Rose swap and most recently a Seaside Swap...

I am however feeling a little worn out... as much as I try I cannot go to bed without talking to Mr P via email or telephone so I am not getting to bed before 1am most nights....
Last night Danny woke crying, complaining of a sore throat... so I was rummaging through the medicine cabinet looking for Ibuprofen liquid... only to find it out of date... luckily I found one sachet in date and used that.... he woke again at about 5 but just needed a cuddle to get back to sleep... We were meant to go to a birthday party this morning but Danny is in no fit state and I am sure all the other parents would prefer me to keep his germs here at home, I did manage to get my hair cut this afternoon, and I feel so much better....and tidier! lol
and I popped out to restock the medicine cabinet...
I am hoping he has a cold... but I think it might be tonsillitis again... I think we might be visiting the doctors on Monday

Mr P has managed to get a all over body rash... the doctor at Lockead Martin told him that it was most like a skin mite... and to go back to the hotel, have a good bath and scrub and wash all his clothes and get his bed changed... he has cream to apply but he is not a happy bunny...
Add the fact that we haven't been paid for last weeks hours and it looks dubious that they will get it sorted for this weeks hours either I think he is pretty close to telling them to stuff it and get on a plane home... on the upside Lockead have asked if he and his family would like to come over for a year or so as they could do with his skills over there.... am I tempted?

Too right I am.... what an opportunity !
It probably won't happen though, something is bound to crop up...

Well I had better get some washing in the machine and make the most of this weather...
Danny is asleep on the settee... which is very out of character... and Jamie is up in her room... I think I feel a quiet 5 minutes of crochet coming on... teeeeheeee!

Take care everyone
have a fab weekend


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, good to hear from you again. I hope you enjoy your quiet crocheting time, and I hope your little one and husband are well again soon.
Take Care
Love Melanie

Tatty Mum said...

Hope danny is feeling better. I'm glad to here you managed to get your hair cut that will probably help in the feeling good thingy.

Wow we've not been long home from the party, boy you got out of that one it was really manic and loud.

Now we're having a cup of tea and I'm thinking whether or not to go
to a Hen night tonight.

Are we still on for cash and carry Monday


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Oh poor little Danny, and poor Mr. P and poor you for having to worry about them all. I hope everyone gets to feeling all better soon.

I'm going to have to sign up for one of those swaps as soon as school let's out for Summer. They sound like so much fun!!

Wouldn't that be fun to come to the states over here for a year? What an adventure!! Lockheed Martin has a big office here locally too, so cool if you came close to Texas, I'd have to get together with you for a fun girl weekend!!!!!

Great hearing from you today, and I'm wishing for your fam to get all better soon!!

Big Hugs!!!♥ Teresa

April said...

Hope everyone feels better soon

April xx

smilernpb said...

Hey stranger,

Make sure that you are looking after yourself as well, especially with Mr P away.

So sorry to hear Danny is poorly, I hope he feels better soon. There is all sorts flying about up here too, the little ones' cousin
has got rash and all sorts of yukkiness, so, although I am wishing him well, I am also hoping that it doesn't come our way! :o)

P has arrived in Ireland safely after a somewhat choppy crossing...bless him.

Oooh, what an opportunity with Mr P...would be interesting if they did make a definate proposal, definately something to consider, me thinks.

Oh and how cool that Rachel was doing the seaside cool will that be??

Taz said...

Hey never say never, you never know what will happen. Who'd have thought we'd have ended up living up here :D
I hope everyone is feeling better soon (((hugs)))

Sarah said...

Hope everyone gets better soon.

bekimarie said...

What an oppurtunity, a year in the states....WOW!
You have as many swaps going on as me, will certainly keep us busy lol!
Hope everyone is feeling better.
Take care
Beki xxx