Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hi guys!

I received a lovely award from Shabby Chick and I thought I would pass it on to some lovely friends of mine... I know I have been given a couple of awards a few weeks back and I was very rude and didn't pass them on and I apologise for my bad manners...
This one has arrived at a time when I have a spare moment to pass it on
(Mr P being a away gives me much more time in the land of blog)
and I know a few pretty pink ladies who will love this one...

My ten bloggy buddies that I would like to award this to are:

1. Eclectic Pink Rose
Theresa is a lovely lady who can make you smile and when you need a supportive word is there in an instant... thank you Theresa... you are a lovely friend
2. Domestic Disaster
Now this is one very talented lady, her bags and purses are amazing and she sews all these fab creations and sells them to raise money for the Brain Cancer

Why not visit her Etsy shop Threads of Grey to take a look at her items and support a worthy cause
3. Smilernpb
This is a new buddy of mine, she's very normal and down to earth and expecting a baby girl....awwww! I recently did a fab swap with her and I am honoured to have such a good friend
4. Little patch of heaven
Now many of you will know that Joanne and I live fairly close to each other and we knew each other in our naughty nightclubbing days... we rampaged around Yeovil and then kinda lost touch when her itchy feet took her travelling, its weird ... we always kinda knew each others location but didn't hook up again till last year.... She's a very good friend indeed and I am glad she turned up on my doorstep last year...
5. Notes from my days
Lesley is the me I wish I could be... she has a beautiful house in a beautiful part of the world and I am about to do a friends swap with her... which is very exciting...
6. Snippity Gibbett
Now this lady has a talent that intrigues me, she has introduced me to scherenschnitte its an amazing art form.... I will be posting my pay it forward gift very soon I haven't forgotten you... honest!
7. All about Eden
Sara is a blogger that has decided to sell her wonderful creations and recently I left a comment on her blog that I really felt I needed to leave to show that every opinion has two sides... I worried about that comment all evening, as blog land seems to have an unwritten rule that you shouldn't go against the grain, luckily Sara graciously accepted my comment and is still my friend.... yay!
she works really hard to make ends meet (as do most of us) and I would be really pleased if you could spare a minute to pop over to from the hands of kitty eden and take a look at her wonderful creations...
8. The Bluberry patch
An Enid Blyton fan is definitely a friend of mine... plus a lover of car booting and buttons and all things vintage... what a girl to follow... I am sending her a Little something from my pay it forward and I really hope she likes what I am making... it will be with you soon!
9.The sewing room
Pat is a new blogger to me, and I love her to bits... she does everything and is sewing her daughter a beautiful dress for a London trip... how cool is that!
10. The ramblings of an everyday mummy
Bekimarie is also a new to me blogging buddy, and I love reading her blog... she is a very down to earth gal who loves to sew and make... she recently sent me a fab button heart, bookmark and hand made postcard... and is organising the friends swap....

10(a). Mels blog aka A Country Dream
Now I know I am only suppose to choose ten... but its really hard !
Mel is a new friend to me and she has to be the most excitable and enthusiastic blogger I have come across in a long while... she has grasped hold of crafting and is giving it a damn good go and as she is remastering crochet and knitting and often leaves little reviews of films and the many books she homes I am pleased to have added her to my diverse and ever growing band of bloggers...

I have lots of friends in this escapism world and they are all different and lovely people, some may appear to live in palaces, others may seem to have no cares or worries in the world... and if that is the lives they truly have then I am happy for them... others may well give that impression and that is fine too as you need to do whatever makes you happy... and if spending some time with people whom you may not even look twice at in the flesh let alone strike up a conversation with gives you hope, support and perhaps an urge to try harder at something you always thought you couldn't do then I see no harm in living a happier life at times in this virtual world...

I have made so many new friends all over the world and I thank you all for your support, love and friendship, it really means a lot to me

Wishing you all a fab weekend
take care


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Good Morning Alex, I was just popping over to Congratulate you on your award, and there I read my name. YOU make ME smile my friend, and I love your visits. You are the sweetest sweetest thing, and I thank you so so so much!! Congratulations on your well deserved award girlie girl. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!! It's been very rainy and stormy here, but no worries, my girlies are home safe and sound so it can rain all day!!! Big hugs and thank you's to you!!!
♥ Teresa

Anonymous said...

Oh Alex! That has made my day! How sweet of you, I am over the moon with the award you have gave me and the lovely things you have wrote. Thank you ever so much! I am so happy!. xxxx Thank you!!! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Alex, I was wondering, how do I give an award, I would love to give one to you, but I just dont know how to do it, silly me! xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Thank you so much you lovely lady - you know your thought of highly with me I am in awe of your talent!!!
got a bit of a lump in my throat at the his and hers clocks im such a softie! the time will fly by :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Alex
That's so kind of you and has made me feel all warm inside! I love the way you've written a little bit about each of us.
We've been out all day and that has rounded the day off just nicely!

The sewing room said...

Hi Alex you are a treasure and a sweetie,thankyou so much for my award it is fab.Now please excuse me as i am not realy good at putting whats in my head into words so here goes l agree so much with what you say, l am not keen on awards where you are supposed to pass them on l do not feel comfortble with it and l said a peice on my blog and l thought l might of up set some people but luckily l did'nt so l thank you so much for my award and l love all you lady bloggers and l am proud to say you are my friends you all pass on help and encouragement and put in so much thought and care and love with swaps and PIF, ooooh l think l will shut up now l,ve waffled on long enough have a great May day .

Hugs Pat

saraeden said...

Awww thank you Alex and no Stockport hasn't changed much !! When were you there ?

Sara x

Jenn said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog! I am so happy to have found you through Sara.


Elenka said...

Yeah, I'm loving this virtual world, too. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Sorta like having a pen pal that a teacher made you write to, and then you continue writing......Altho, no one MADE me connect with any of you. Oh, i don't know WHAT it's like, but I like it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, so sorry to bother you with more questions, but I was wondering how do I get the Follow box on my blog, so that people can follow my blog?
Take Care
Love Melanie xx

bekimarie said...

Thank you hunni, such a lovely award to receive.
Have you come up with any ideas for 'I' yet?
Beki xxx

The sewing room said...

Well i,ve done it again ,got egg all over my face i am so sorry.


The sewing room said...

Thankyou so much Alex for your kind kind words you,ve made me feel much better your friendship is much appreciated.


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Alex
Congratulations to all the award winners and of course to you Alex.
Thank you so much for your very kind and good wishes for Larry, so much appreciated! I gave him a tickle under the chin from you which he really enjoyed!
I read with interest what you said about getting to know bloggers for who they are and not what they look like. I agree with your comments. It is sad if bloggers are influenced by someone's photo.
I am more interested in how they come across and what they have to say. I don't know what you look like Alex but I know that I like you. I can tell you are a warm and friendly person. That is what matters to me.
I hope that you had a good bank holiday.
Take care
Isabelle x

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

I just read your comments on my blog today, I'm jealous you got to go to a car boot today? LOL. I bet I would have loved that China!! I bought like 7 plates on Saturday, I think I'm addicted!! I can't wait to go again. Isn't it funny that you thought of me, because I do the exact same thing when I see things now that I know one of my bloggy friends would like, I think the same thing. You are toooo sweet!!! And now you have me saying car boot!! lol!! (I didn't even know what that was before I met you) ;) Have a wonderful evening my friend!!!
Hugs, Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, I have gave you an award over on my site.

Take Care
Love Melaniexxx

Snippety Gibbet said...

It just now occurred to me that by signing up for your PIF, you would be incurring higher postal charges for shipping to the US. Oh my! I totally didn't think about that. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Alex!! I appreciate the award and have passed it on!! :)