Monday, 25 May 2009

A Thrift not to be missed!

Hello my friends, how the devil are you all?

I am feeling particularly pleased with myself today...

I have been scouring eBay for a nice usable milk/cream jug and I don't know hwy but I was looking for something in particular and it struck me that I was looking for a jug that my mum had... so when i popped around I asked her about the jug I remembered and she pointed it out to me on her shelf ... and then she said those wonderful words
"you can take it on if you like!"
wow.... so I quickly picked up the blue and white 1 Quart jug, it doesn't have any mark on it but it is very old, and I love it!

In Mum's cupboard I caught a glimpse of a blue and white jug... so I carefully unburied it and found a larger one these are both Staffordshire Chef ware...then I spotted the two cream coloured jugs... these are Alfred Meakin and Mum kindly told me to take them on too!
As I dug deeper into the recesses of this slightly forgotten corner cupboard I spotted something pink.... and low and behold the lovely pink Gladstone tea set below!

I was on a roll now so I mooched my way into the front room and took a looked in the sideboard cupboard... I found the loveliest saucer and prayed I would come across the teacup to match...
it was there right at the back and I brought them home too!
This teacup and saucer is Crown Staffordshire and its called Maytime... so I think I might start using this one to drink my morning tea from...

Now I brought these two sets on, but I am not sure whether I will keep them....
these are 2 tea cups and saucers by Royal Park

These are by Royal Vale

It really was the best kind of thrifting....
Mum you are the best
and as soon as I have the room to display it I will gladly bring on Nanny and Grandpa's blue and white terrines and casseroles...
I am hoping Mr P will build me a cabinet in the alcove in the lounge and with the help of my brother put some glazed doors on it (to cut down on the dusting...! lol)

Well I hope you are all having a fab Monday...

Take care


Joanne said...

what a lovely mum you have , I love all those goodies but you can probably guess which is my favourite. Why yes it has to br=e that gorgeous pink tea set, Your mum wouldn't have another set hiden deep in the back of those cupboards would she ha ha.

Who needs the local car boot hey!
They all look gorgeous you rally are getting into this thirfting lark are't you.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

Hugs Joanne x

Elenka said...

What wonderful finds!!
Love the pitchers.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

bekimarie said...

Now that really is the best kind of thrifting lol!
Beki xxx

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

ooooh and aaaaaahh Alex, what lovely lovely dishes, and you know I'm loving the pinkness, those are beautiful!!!!! What a sweetheart your Mum is for letting you have these wonderful pieces of eye candy!! I love them, bet you do too!!! Mr. P's gonna be busy building that cabinet to hold your pretties in!!! Big Big Hugs!!!
♥ Teresa

Leanne said...

ooh I think i'd like your mums house, its full of all my favourite things too!

Leanne x

Jenn said...

What luck and how lovely!!!
The Royal Park cups & saucers look exactly like a pair my great-grandmother used for her daily tea. Good luck in getting that cupboard soon too!

The sewing room said...

I love your jugs and the pink tea set how lucky you are to have a mom who loves you and gives you such pretty things.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic finds Alex, love them!
Golden Hands is such a fab mag is'nt it, I love it, have you done any crafts from the mags?

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

wow i love those blue jugs they are gorgeous :-)
glad hubby is home safe and well !
swap is almost ready to take to the post office will prob post tomorrow so look out!!

Curlew Country said...

what a lovely mum! Coming fom Staffordshire I'm always very pleased to see pottery from our neck of the woods being cherished. My grandma worked on Meakins for many years. I wonder if she made those jugs?

I adore the blue and white striped ware too. Lovely!

Have a fab weekend.

koralee said...

ahhh...I love Moms!!! Beautiful jugs....i have a fancy for jugs as the cornishwear ones..i have a whole set of and white stripes!! Have an amazing weekend.

April said...

that pink tea set is gorgeous!

April xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hi lovely :-) just wanted to let you know i didnt get to the post office on friday (long story involving stroppy children and a playbarn meet up !)
so will post your parcel in the morning - hope your having a lovely sunny weekend xxxxxxxxx