Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday Bloghop.... and a continuation of an idea

Jabacue over at Ocean Breezes has posted a simple post and I want to run with it! 
however my photo's are not as stunning as his... lol

Your beliefs become your thoughts
 Your thoughts become your words
 Your words become your actions
 Your actions become your habits
 Your habits become your values
 Your values become your destiny'

Mahatma Gandhi 


I believe there is good in everyone and everything even though sometimes you may have to look really hard to see it and it might be tiny and somewhat insignificant but that seed of good can grow and blossom if given the right help and support ..

My thoughts are therefore are of kindness, patience and love.  Of slowing down and actually seeing everything around me, to value what I have instead of coveting what I don't....
 My words are supportive, polite and hopefully truthful and kind.  I see less point in speaking negatively, it serves no purpose other to lower other peoples spirits and you gain nothing from these outburst...  its the emotional equivalent of a chocolate bar... you feel good for 5 minutes and then feel drained and low for the rest of the day... realising that you shouldn't have done or said what you did...

My actions are clear and  yet this is where I sometimes stumble... I sometimes lapse into self centered moments of selfishness...but I realise that these moments of self protection are caused by people who take ... they drain you and give nothing in return... have you ever met someone who after you have spent some time with them you feel exhausted... like your spirit and energies have been stripped from your core?  
This is where I find myself on the journey to being a content human being..

 My habits are changing and I am discarding bad habits as quickly as I can without loosing direction and purpose.. this is also a work in progress....

My Values are clear and to be honest totally achievable with hard work and perseverance....

After all the good things in life are worth the effort ...

My destiny.... will become clear .... eventually!

Just returned from our welly walk... 
(thats what they call it when they don their wellies and go out for a stroll at Daniels school!)
and the dog, Daniel and I are now happily tired....

Jamie has returned from town, her new bus buddy (whose birthday is the day before Jamie's) popped around at 1pm and her mum and dad dropped them into town then picked them up again and returned her home for 4:15... She bought Daniel a teddy bear! ahhhhhh

so I had better have a cuppa and clear up and get ready for tea... 

Sometimes the joys of parenting and housekeeping elude me and I wonder what its all about... 
I thank all you amazing wonderful people for keeping my minds eye focused on the bigger picture

take care


Josie said...

lovely post

Josie x

marigold jam said...

Well... if I was half as focussed as you I'd join in but I have no idea what I'd say!! It would depend on the mood at the moment I think.


Floss said...

What a brilliant message and a great idea for a post. I'm in tune with a lot of what you're saying. At the moment many people are talking to me about my mum, who died last week after a long illness. They can hardly believe how positive she was, how uncomplaing, and how she was still helping them out with their own lives however ill she became. What a role model for me - and I know she was an imperfect human being, too, so it's not an impossible goal for us mortals!

Sheila said...

What a lovely post...really makes me think.
i love it,

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dear
This is a great post - thank you for sharing! And no matter what you say, your pics are gorgeous too.
Negativity - I hate it - truly - I feel totally drained of life by people who are negative and I find it so hard to be 'real' with them when they're being so miserably negative. I'm a bouncy bunny positive girl and find nitpicking negativity so very unnecessary!
I love that you are finding the great things in all the little pleasures in life :-)
Happy days to you
Denise x

Menopausal musing said...

What a beautifully written post, Alex. Just lovely........

Joanne said...

Alex this is a lovely post and you know it's right up my street at the moment with the way If been feeling.
Glad you got out for a wellie walk with Danny.
Joanne x

Anonymous said...

Very thought-provoking posting Alex, a joy to read, an uplifting read, a positive read. I think many of re-evaluate our lives from time to time, whether brought on by something happening to us or someone close to us, or just a case of it being that time in our lives when we feel a change (for the better) is needed.
Thanks for the instructions too....x