Thursday, 15 October 2009


I feel quite yucky at the moment,

I am not sure if its because Danny is currently unwell and spent yesterday being sick or if I am just overtired and worn out still from trying to do too much

I have managed to step down from the PTA


So surely I should be full of beans, but my beans are not jumping

I am chatting via email to a lovely ex Clare's school boy and I am getting an idea of what the boys uniforms were like and how they used the house as a school and I have also contacted the archives at the local council and a lovely man called Joseph is helping me out

its exciting to gather information and visualise how life must have been at the school back in the day's that Nanny and Grandpa lived and worked there but I am thinking that all this info should be collected together and I think kept safe for a time when my own children wonder what their Great Nanny and Grandpa use to do when they were in their 60's... So I will stop boring you all to death with my research and histories, after all they are the lives and histories of other people that I do not have the right to publish without a second thought to their feelings or their families feelings

Anyhow... I must apologise for not popping by to all my
bloggy friends posts as often as I should and I have swaps to get on with and parcels to post to good friends, I have just crocheted 2 pairs of slippers the first were obviously for myself as my recently purchased Uggs have not arrived and I believe they are being held by customs... so goodness knows if I will ever receive them.

Now the thing that ticks me off about my
Ugg purchase was that I purchased them from an Ugg website that calls itself "UK - Uggs" therefore giving you the impression that they send the goods from the UK, but alas no... it would appear that they are sent from China.
I have no idea if the reason for the hold up is my parcel or another parcel within the shipment so I have no idea if my goods will arrive or not... hence the cold feet! :(

now I know a lot of people hate
Uggs and I promise you I am no model with skinny legs and silly furry boots on the ends of them, my last pair of Uggs were worn non stop for 2 years ( well obviously I took them off when I went to bed!... well... apart from a couple of occasions when I annoyed Mr P ;D ) anyway they are so comfortable and warm and cosy and I am really sad that I might not get my warm feet this year.... and I will not be ordering anymore as they are not the cheapest things in the world, so I will have to wait and see if the customs peeps send them on to me or whether I am going to be a fair lump of money out of pocket and one step closer to not shopping online because of the uncertainty of waiting for something to turn up in the post.

Danny has finally fallen asleep and I am feeling a little washed out, mind you I slept on a mattress on his bedroom floor last night and he was very restless in the night, he almost fell on top of me a couple times but luckily I caught him just in time... its almost like I slept with some of my senses still tuned in to him... but he has a little colour in his cheeks today and has eaten a few bits and is drinking little and often, so I hope (fingers crossed) that he is on the mend

I was lucky with the weather yesterday too as I managed to wash bed clothes and towels and get them dry all in the same day... today is quite a grey chilly day so I might be cleaning out the fire later and getting it ready for lighting when Jamie comes in from school.

Well I had better go and I promise to show you some creations soon... I really need to get back to basics and share my latest projects...

take care

9 comments: said...

Thank you for your kind words over on my blog Alex! If you are getting what I have, I will send you big hugs, this thing is exhausting!
Lovely post as usual, I do enjoy reading them. Hope you get your warm feet problem sorted out before the really cold weather comes!
Hope that Danny is on the mend, and that you get some much deserved rest and enjoy the coming weekend! Suzie. xxx

Snippety Gibbet said...

I'm really sorry to hear that your little one is under the weather. PLEASE don't get sick!!!! (I'm sending healthy vibes your way right now.) jan

lisa ridgeon said...

Poor Danny, lots of children seem to be getting these sickness bugs at the moment. I hope he's on the mend.

Not good about the Ugg boots. I'm always cautious when i order on-line too so tend to still stick to UK high street stores. I hope your boots arrive safe and sound.

Big Hugs

Joanne said...

oh Alex you'll have to crochet yourself a pair of uggs.
Glad Danny is on the mend but sorry that your feeling out of sorts.
I probably want see you before we go Saturday so take care and don't work to hard.

Joanne x

smilernpb said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear you are feeling yukky - it certainly is doing it's rounds isn't it? Thankfully I think we are all over it now.... (famous last words!).

Just to let you know - as I've been doing a lot of swapping on Swap Bot recently - there is all hell on with the post everywhere! I am waiting on so many things to arrive at their destinations, and to arrive with me, I've got a big notebook full of what is on it's way where, when it was sent and all sorts....yes, I am VERY sad...but organised! :o) And there is talk of yet more strikes....who knows.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the Uggs turn up....I have never had a pair, I find it difficult to get nice boots in my size as I am a size 9. Very big feet for a lady.

And other than that, I STILL have not learned to crochet :o( I think you need to tell Mr P that you are coming to stay with me and then you can teach me!

Speak soon. Lots of love xx

Taz said...

Oh hon make sure you take some time to look after yourself too. I know i know easier said than done at the best of times never mind when you have a poorly wee one. (((hugs)))
And please don't stop telling us about the big house, I LOVE history and you'll never bore me :)

JuliaB said...

Hope you all feel better soon! x

Anonymous said...

You have been over doing it again haven't you Alex, I don't know, hope you are better soon, and I always love reading your posts. take care, Julie.C

pinkfairygran said...

I don't know if the thought of this will cheer you or fill you with horror, but I am organising a Christmas-themed swap over on my Three R's blog, if you are interested at all? Hoping your little one gets better soon, and that you stay clear of the lurg.