Saturday, 10 October 2009

Welcome to Brymton D'evercy....

.... this is a brief trip around one of the most beautiful Country Houses I have ever visited this is the front porch... so wipe your feet and shake of the rain

and warm yourself by the fire in the hall

Lets move on and as I look over my shoulder what a beautiful site as we leave the front hall

goodness me.... the stairs are beautiful

Lets pop on up and head for the servants quarters where the rooms have been made ready for our arrival

What a beautiful room
I wonder what memories these walls could tell...

back downstairs and lets head for the sitting room...

when my Great Uncle was estate carpenter this was known as the blue room and when Clares boys school occupied the House it was the Masters dining room and my nanny Tucker would serve their meals in here

I learnt during my stay that this room is in a Rococo style, with the shells and natural forms... or was it Baroque...

beautiful wood carvings possibly by Grinling Gibbons
now lets head through the panelled doors to the sitting room
look at that fire...

as we head through the next room which is the oak panelled library where Susan Ashman has hung the most exquisite Gainsborough silk curtains ( I did take a photo but it was not very clear) we went through another door to the candle lit dining room and enjoyed a beautiful family meal of poached salmon and all the trimmings

back out into the hallway, can you see the door to the front hall in the distance?

lets pop into the dinning room, right behind me is the door to nanny's kitchen where she prepared all the meals for the school, and just to the left of the large fireplace you can see the bread oven... mum says that the boys kept their own jams and toppings for their toast in here... each with their names written on them...
We ate our lunch in here on the first day and in the morning we had a splendid full English breakfast

the door out into the garden is just around the corner and I think these are the windows to Nanny and Grandpa's flat... its now part of the bridal suite...
(I could be wrong though, mum or Auntie B will put me right)

Moving on around the end of the house we can see the front aspect in all its glory....

Just to the Left you can see the Dower house, this was built to be the home of the mother when the son got married and his new wife moved in.... but as it one of the oldest parts of the house along with the front hall I think it was back in the days of the D'evercy family

Just behind the Dowery house is St Andrews Church
and I believe the lace on the altar was placed there by my nanny and that it was made by my great great grandmother on my grandpa's side...
Auntie B will hopefully be able to give me some info on this

Its a beautiful little church, and my 3 brothers and I were christened here
and my middle brothers 3 children were christened here too

Lets head out beyond the lake now

and for a wider view of the back of the house

well I hope you have enjoyed our stroll around the house and my visit and learning about the historical architecture and interior design from Susan and Lindy has whetted my appetite to be more aware of the beautiful houses all around me in my own County and neighbouring Dorset. I have already made a long list of all the places that I intend to visit

I cannot thank Susan enough for that first contact that she made with me through my blog and I look forward to visiting many more times...
Earlier this year I was contacted by an ex Clares Boys school pupil and I have dropped him a line to let him know whats happening at Brympton and he has already gifted to me the names of the masters and will in the future share some more school time memories, I am so pleased to be able to act as the keeper of memories for a time which has so much relevance to my Nanny and Grandpa's lives

If any of you have memories of Brympton I would be very pleased to hear from you and feel free to drop me a line at

I had a lovely time with 2 other blogger's so why not pop over to visit Jane and Joanne to see their photos of our visit

Finally many thanks to the lovely family now living at the house for being so friendly and warm and making us feel so very at ease in their beautiful home

big hugs to everyone
take care


karen said...

what a lovel house it's look's like you had a lovely time.
Thanky you for sharing it with us.

Joanne said...

Wow Alex what a fantastic post, so well done, your photo's are brillant (so stop putting yourself down). That's three very different takes from the three of us.
Worth a visit to all three blogs I would say.
Can't wait till Monday.
Joanne x

Menopausal musing said...

A breathtaking post. What a house! How wonderful that you have access to so many memories of the place and can pass them on. So glad you had such a wonderful time. said...

You have brought a tear to my eye with your lovely memories of your Nanny and grandpa's lives at such a beautiful house. Thank you for sharing your visit with us, I loved every letter of every word! Suzie. xxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Wow Alex, what a splendid time you had! I loved reading about the family memories and how delightful that the boys kept their own little pots of jam - so cute!
The house and grounds are amazing what a fantastic wedding venue!!!
Looking forward to hearing more about the history and your family connections,
Take care dear
Denise x

susan said...

Hi Alex,
Fabulous photos, Brympton has now been revealed as the magical place it is. Hope to see you soon ,thank you for your patience during the run through,a whistle stop tour through the ages!!
Take care Susanxx

Jenn said...

What a lovely place to spend any amount of time!!! Lucky you! Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Now that I am at home till after the birth I might actually find time to update more often (biggest outing of any week is to the drs office or grocery store). Absolutely beautiful pictures and I am so happy for you.

jane and the happy crow said...

You have some lovely photos of bits I did not snap! I love the ones from the lake, I should not have snoozed on in bed while you two hiked off round the grounds! Hope to see you again, maybe at Brympton? Keep in touch. Jane xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex for your lovely comment on my pumpkin, I had made it for my daughters class for her pupils, but it seems the head teacher dose not allow them to celebrate Halloween. Anyway I have enjoyed your pictures of this lovely statly home, fabulous surroundings. Wouldn't like to do the dusting though. Julie.C

Raspberry Cupcake said...

Wow! Stunning house and brilliant commentary ;-)

How lovely to be able to fill in details of all the family memories and things you have been told!

Claire x

JuliaB said...

Hi Alex. What a lovely tour!! xx