Friday, 12 June 2009

Summer Fayre or Summer Fete? (post 96)

Hello you... how are you today?

Me ?

well I have had better weeks but hey I am definitely learning a great deal from all my ups and downs....

Monday was a normal Monday Paperwork, invoicing, housework (bit of crochet... shhh don't tell the boss! lol)

Tuesday was a whole different bag of worms! I learnt all about Licensing for small events and I got to know my local councillor a little better and I am probably famous in the Council Licensing Department as the sobbing maniac that went into free fall when her "temporary events notice" was 2 days late and refused Long story short I hand delivered it to the offices and by the time I drove home I had a message to say it was 2 days late and would be returned... I couldn't have a bar at the summer fayre or the brass band or the country dancers... AAARRRGGGGGG! the PTA will kill me!

Anyhow... by Wednesday and an email to the local Conservative Councillor (not who I voted for) and a phone call to the head honcho in Licensing (apparently she live is the village and her children go to the school) who was on holiday and after talking to her colleague if we use the word FETE and not FAYRE and don't mind about not having a bar (which I don't as we struggled to get a parent to run the lucky dip drum let alone a bar) we can have the band, dancers and anything else we would like as it is exempt for a school FETE and "regulated entertainment" for a FAYRE which you need to pay £21 for a license for !

I am afraid the world has officially gone mad!

and its sad to say its taken me with it!

Thursday was the Village Cafe... I love chatting to all my new friends in the hall. One local lady stopped me to tell me my front garden was looking lovely, that was nice and I showed my Mum and her next door neighbour a backwards crochet stitch I had learnt... and then
I was asked to teach a local craft group something new after September, not sure if I have the ideas or skills to teach a group of lovely ladies something new but I will have a think about it.. Joanne popped down with her youngsters but they were off to the park and I was so busy catching up with everyone I didn't really get to speak to her... and it was really busy down there... i bought a quiche and some Fuchsia's and a little pot of home made foot cream and soap of the aromatherapy lady

Mum was off to her friends house that afternoon to do some gardening and my mum is a bit naughty at times and over does things so I offered to go to and do all the heavy stuff... after a fish and chip dinner at mums we headed for the friends house and I am now doing this friends mowing and pruning and general garden duties on a regular basis... she said she would pay me but I would rather she put a few pounds onto a Asda Christmas savings card and I will have that at Christmas... so its almost like a Christmas gift in return for doing her gardening... much nicer... I don't like taking money off friends... it makes me feel uncomfortable
then back home cook tea put the children to bed and catch up on my blog reading..with a glass of wine! :-)

Friday is going okay, Mr P will be home lunchtime... Danny is playing... Jamie is at school and I have a date with the washing up and a washing machine! yay...

This is post 96... so we are one more post nearer my 100th post giveaway... I am still not sure what to do regards one big prize or 7 small prizes...
but its quite exciting !

Seaside swap is coming along slowly... Sorry a bun can dance...
this Summer Fete will be the last PTA event I organise... Jamie leaves in July and Danny doesn't start till September 2010, mind you Mr P doesn't think they will let me quit... but its become a chore and its no fun when something you volunteer for is a chore... parents aren't interested in attending events you bust a gut to organise and they don't come to meetings or help to run things... so I must admit I have run out of energy or inclination to help these ungrateful lot.

I have the gardening clubs flower show coming up..( I am not a member) Last year was the first time I had entered it. I submitted some flower arrangements, some photography and a watercolour... and I won a cup! I was stunned so I will put in some crochet and jewellery and sewing this year too... Jamie entered some photography and a colouring in competition.. she did really well too!

well I had better go... thought I would just pop in to let you know what I have been up to this week... hope I haven't bored you all to tears! lol

take care
And thank you for popping by


pinkfairygran said...

Oh I loved this hectic week of yours! Such a contrast to my solitary, mooching along as I please week.
I agree with you when you said about something you like doing becoming a chore? I found that when I was selling my hand made cards in a gallery and in a gift shop. I loved doing them, until I had stopped doing them for anyone other than myself!
And it's like when you volunteer for something, people then ask would you mind doing this, and then that..... and so you end up giving all your time nearly, and that too, can become a chore then. You have to be strong and use the word NO more often don't you?

Sarah said...

Hi Alex
Thanks for your comment re my week - isn't it funny how our posts are quite similar! It sounds like you take on an awful lot and what a good person you are for doing it. I hope you find time to chill this weekend - we both need it!!

April said...

Blimey Alex, tkae it easy love!! Bureaucracy is totally bonkers

take a back seat after this - someone else will eventually pick it up. I learnt in my training for Chairs of Governors that if you allow the awkward silence - someone will speak eventually. I find it hard not to babble on in that situation and end up doing everything, but this technique really does work. Just count to 50 really slowly - and then do it again!! ;-)

Good luck

April xx

Jackie said...

It seems that you've had a bit of a hectic week Alex.

I can fully sympathise with you about the PTA thing. A lot of parents just don't want to commit and then it's the parent's on the PTA that are left run about like mad people organising everything. Hope that your Fete/Fayre goes well for you.

Have a great weekend and enjoy that nice glass of wine this evening :O)

smilernpb said...

Hey you!

Make sure you are taking it easy, it sounds liek you have had a busy week, same as me!

Oh, and surely you are supposed to ENCOURAGE others to join the PTA? I am DREADING my meeting this afternoon incase I just get stuck with a load of snobby parents. Aaargh. Or maybe I will be the only one there?

The mind boggles. I am looking forward to the weekend as P is only doing two hours work tomorrow, so it should be a nice family weekend....I hope.

Speak soon xx

Menopausal musing said...

What a busy week! Loved the idea of having stamps put on an Asda card. I like ideas like that, they can they be used for whatever you want/need/want to spoil yourself with.... just make sure it is YOU that you spoil.x

Mandy said...

Oh I so remember the PTA fêtes that I would help organise. It was a nightmare, people would come then complain about it! But would they ever come to the pta meetings oh no! Just liked to moan ......
Yours will be great I am sure and I agree when something becomes a chore you need to think about giving up x x

twiggypeasticks said...

Blimey I'm tired just reading about your week :) Have a good rest this evening. I got volunteered to look after the website for Twiglet's nursery which is fine but it always seems to be the same folk that do all the stuff or are expected to do all the stuff isn't it? Ho hum.
Twiggy x

karen said...

My my you have been busy hunni.

I can sympathise with you on the PTA thing. At my little one's pre school we tryed to organise a big clean up of all the school toy's and out of 36 sets of parents only 4 of us bothered to help out. It was rather annoying when you thing they would be quick enough to complain if they saw their child playing with dirty broken toy's. Fortunatly there are 4 of us who do the things that need to be done however I do strongly feel that there should be 36 parents who at least take an interest.
Ok ok I'll get off my soap box now hehehe.

Hope your all well

smilernpb said...

Me again! I forgot to say 'summer fete' or 'summer fayre' - the same thing, just the difference being a 21 quid licence?


Talk about a world gone mad! x

Taz said...

Blinking nora Alex I'm worn out just reading that!
I hope you have a nice stressfree weekend ;)

The sewing room said...

What a week you have had l should think you are ready for a rest,and remember to say no next time and think about yoursef for a change and have some r and r this week end.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Alex, Thursday sounded like a great day. xxxx

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Alex! Ah, don't you just love beaurocracy?? NOT!!! I'm with you, the world certainly has gone politically correctly mad - that's probably not PC enough and has another term these days! :0) Thanks for popping in to help me celebrate my exciting quilt news - always lovely to having blogging buddies celebrating with me - I'll have people Happy Dancing all over the world yet! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hope this coming week is a bit calmer for you! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hmmmm ... seems I've invented a new way to spell 'Bureaucracy' - never was good as spelling! BH! KRIS

Rachel said...

Gosh, sounds like you've had a tough week! I'm on our school PTA and, luckily, there's quite a few of us but I know just how much work is involved. Surely they can't expect you to run it if you're not even a parent (with a child at the school that is!) for that year! Hope everything calms down for you and you get some chillout time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, I have paired you up with a partner for the Cosy Crochet and Knitting Swap, please take a look on my blog to find out who. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, thank you so much for your lovely comment, you are a gem. I'm pleased you have got in touch with your partner, I hope you have fun with this swap. xxxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Alex!
I'm exhausted just reading your account of the week! Oh the joys of organising school events - I know all about it - but good for you that you do help, as these events wouldn't happen otherwise! (I much prefer the word FETE to FAYRE - reminds me of my 1970's childhood!).
Now, as for our Seaside swap - I am delighted that you are progressing slowly as I am probably twenty times slower.... certainly no chance of my parcel finding it's way to you this side of July!
And the final thing - I do love hearing about your village cafe, garden club etc - I am most envious.
Denise x

gingerwine said...

Thankyou for your words of encouragement on my blog! Your give a way sounds amazing...I'm going to do a give a way on my year of blogging anni....

In 7 weeks !

Bye for now
Love Sam x

Tillyboo said...

And breathe .......

Phew that's better xx

Snippety Gibbet said...

How bizarre that a change of title can grant you a license for most all you need. Sheesh. How frustrating. I'm glad you got it all figured out though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, would you please read my new post and leave a comment, I value your opinion and this is very important to me.
Thank you. xxx

Elenka said...

Doncha just love summer!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on my site, I wonder who it is you think the person is I'm talking about?
All the comments of support I've received has really cheered me up, thank you pet. xxxx