Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Friends swap goodies...

Lovely Lesley from Notes from my days has sent me my FRIENDS swap parcel and I am so thrilled, it luckily arrived Tuesday Morning as I was getting ready to take Danny to pre-school.
So I popped it in the car and took it to the office with me...

Inside the parcel was 2 parcels one was a little something for Danny and Jamie...
and the other was all contained in a clear plastic folder with a handle on top...
I think I am going to use the plastic box to store all my ribbons...

Inside my parcel was all of this wonderful loveliness....
Each item had its own label explaining the contents hidden inside...

F = Fabric, a lovely piece of red gingham which will be fabulous for a union jack project I have in mind...
R = Ribbons and ric rac... I sent that too... but Lesley has really spoilt me with whole rolls!
I = I made this myself, Lesley has made me a fabulous pink starry heart... its CK and has a button where the ribbon is... I think I have it around the wrong way in the picture... Doh!
I think I might spray it with some rosewater and it will definitely join my collection of hanging hearts... I love it !

now where did we get to?
ah yes....
E = Eco Friendly.... why didn't I think of that... I got completely stuck on E.... see how this ladies grey cells work... she's ace!
I threatened to send her an egg! lol
Any hoo... she sent me a fab spotty dotty bag... I love bags... I have all manner of bags.... everywhere... generally full of Crochet! ;D
I used this bag last night when I popped out for some groceries... its fabulous!
N = Notebook, not just any old notebook... a fabric covered notebook made by herself! I love the fabric the colours are so me... mind you any colour is me! I am a colour junky! the flowery fabric is yummy!
D = Drippy tea bags...and Dotty things... I think you can just see it... A very useful teapot shaped tea bag dish... now I am terrible with the teabags I always leave them on the draining board and then later when I have to clear it up I have a good moan at myself! this is a thing of the past now... and the colour matched my kitchen wonderfully.
Don't you just love my dotty bird, I am sorely tempted to glue a magnet to the back of it so that I can use her on my notice board... she is beautiful and made by the fair Lesley too!
Plus some dotty CK tissues and some lovely red buttons! (I love buttons)

S = Something Sweet and Something pretty... The vanilla fudge is almost gone... me.. vanilla and fudge... oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! its not good!
Danny tried to walk off with it... I mean rude!
I also had a bar of milk chocolate and its sad to say that it has had a bit of a hammering too!
the something pretty is the pale blue china filigree butterfly... this is lovely and destined to hang in my bedroom... I recently bought 2 china filigree birds from Wilkinson's, how weird is that!

Here are all my goodies finally packed up ready to bring home from the office...

Lesley I am so pleased with all my goodies, you really put a lot of time and effort into my pressies and I really love them all.
Thank you

Jamie loves her friendship bracelet kit and I think she had some chocolate but as it was straight after school I didn't see the comings or goings of that! lol
the little soap I think has been snuggled away in her underwear drawer...

Danny love love loves his rucksack... he wore it to playgroup today, and he was still wearing it when I picked him up... his chocolate has lasted a little longer than Jamie's... but only just!



Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

aawww lovely post - how nice that lady is LOL no really, i am so pleased and relieved you like them it was harder than i thought but worth it and am still beside myself with joy at the parcel you sent me and will post about it soon!!! great idea about the magnet on the bird why didnt i think of that!!! next time i make one i will steal that idea ;-)
thanks again it was fun doing this with you :-D
Lesley x

Jackie said...

What a lovely parcel to have received and lots of goodies inside too! I've just signed up for my first swap and although I am excited, it is a little scary too :O)

Mandy said...

Oh what lovely gifts to receive.
I love seeing what everyone picked for the letters of FRIENDS. Some of the ideas are greatx

smilernpb said...

Hello Mrs,

Hope all is well with you, I see you were thoroughly spolied again in yet another swap. I love seeing what people have used for each letter. I am taking part in this swap, but the one I am in was organised by a lady in Australia, and I am sending to the USA. Very exciting!

I think I might be hooked on swaps...!!


PS I hope you have not damaged youself in any way by your iron board surfing! xx

LissyLou said...

wow, what great things x

Jenn said...

What lovely swap goodies!!! Love the little labels. And thank you for the package! My grandmother is going to help me stalk the mail-lady :)

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Wow Alex, I bet that made your day, that is one bag full of beautiful, thoughtful goodies!!! What fun!! Hope all is well with you and the family!!!
Hugs ♥ Teresa

koralee said... are one lucky girl...everything looks like so much us all what you do with it...xoxo

bekimarie said...

What lovely goodies!
I love some of Lesley's ideas, how clever of her!
Beki xxx

Joanne said...

Hi, yes you really did drop me in it but no worries I sorted it out this morning at 4.30am when I couldn't sleep.

Muzzy is suppose to be very good but very expensive and I think we need to work on their english first, may be a bit of french but we already have dvd's and books for that one.

Hope life's treating you well.

Joanne x

pinkfairygran said...

Some people are just so creative with their thinking aren't they? That looked such a fun box to receive, and put together.. I get more pleasure, usually, from the latter I have to say.

charlie said...

Wow! How lovely to be able to do a swap like that! Almost worth moving back to the UK for..(the postie here would probably steal it!)
I sent your soaps off but they went over a bank holiday so might take a bit longer than normal to arrive. Thanks for ordering and I hope you enjoy them!