Friday, 7 December 2012

Somerset Musings ...

I really need to get a grip, my Friday nights use to be full of excitement ... looking forward to an evening out getting dolled up and making an effort ... I've left Mr P in the kitchen watching Idiot Abroad 3 ... I can hear it though so I am not really missing it ... our house is tiny ... I'm sat here wondering if I am possibly the most boring person on the planet?

I have so much to do and I just don't know where to start ... so I haven't started at all ... Its almost like my whole life is on hold waiting for something and I just cant shake it off ...
I received an email from the Surgeons secretary today ... they've now decided that they'll remove my gallbladder before removing the stones from the bile duct ... however they don't think its likely that I'll be in before the new year ... but if I get any discomfort I'm to contact his secretary, or if I have another pancreatic attack I'm to get myself admitted.  We'll with Christmas looming I am being very sensible, careful and restrictive of my diet... I've not had any pain as such since the beginning of October when I was so bad I ended up in hospital and I am still loosing weight which everyone thinks is marvellous.  So I shall shut up and be a patient patient!  I feel awful about getting annoyed about it all ... there are, after all, people out there suffering worse illnesses and symptoms than me ... but I am really quite fed up with it all now.
My head is choka block full with creative thoughts and ideas ... but until I get the lounge and the kitchen de-cluttered I have no space to be creative ... I ordered a canvas, I had an idea to paint something really big ... only problem is its a lot bigger than I thought it would be ... I think I misread inches for mm ... oops!

So I am now the proud owner of a HUGE canvas and nowhere to paint something that big ... I am beyond a doubt the biggest wally ever.  I'm thinking the house in my little fantasy world that I seem to live in must be huge, with a creative room all for me.  All I need is that lottery win, however I think there are a lot of people in need of that kind of financial boost.  Well I suppose at least I have made the first step of actually buying a ticket...

 We like many other places in the UK had an awful lot of rain a couple of weeks ago ... I didn't bother trying to get Daniel to school on a couple of the days that the roads were flooded.  Mr P and I walked to the next village on the Sunday of the floods, it was to the top of our welly boots so I decided that Monday would be a flood day ... Daniel was quite happy to stay home ... It was lovely and sunny on this Sunday morning and the walk to the next village was eerily quiet ... this road is usually very busy day or night ... its the favoured rat run through to the A303 ... unfortunately its also well used by the local farmers, cyclists and horse riders ... accidents abound on this wriggly road ... too many sharp corners and plentiful supply of impatient journeymen ... it was closed again on Thursday when a motor cyclist came a cropper after the puddles froze to black ice.  Luckily he only suffered whiplash type injuries although his bike was a write off.

We do not live at the lower end of the village, Luckily we are on the hill so its would be a disaster indeed should the flood waters ever reach our door but the weather is seriously testing our resolve these days ... I heard murmurings in the school playground from the farmers wives that we are due a month of snow ... so we shall wait and see what the end of 2012 has in store for us.

Stay safe and warm
hugs and loves to you all
Alex x


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you here again... the rain has been dreadful hasn't it, never-ending, even where I live and we came off very lightly indeed, compared to many other areas.
And it's OK to feel a tad sorry for yourself you know, just because others are worse off than you doesn't make your situation any less important... to You. Heaven knows I have bouts of such feelings myself, so am in no position to be anything other than supportive.
I DO hope you have a painfree Christmas Alex.

Jim said...

Hi Alex, good to catch up with you and see you at my post today!
I have heard about all the rain the UK was getting this past few months! What's up with that!
Good luck with the surgery in the new year. Have a great week ahead.