Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St Georges Day everyone...

Proud to be English.....

enjoying the sunshine and green fields......

But a little confused about the future!

If Scotland becomes independant from England will the Union Flag have to be changed?

Scotland's flag would dissapear leaving England/Wales and Northern Ireland's flags so our Union Flag would look like this....

Not quite the same without the blue!
If you fancy learning a bit more about the Union Flag visit Project Britain by Woodlands School Kent its a very informative site

Now at the end of our last post we were off to the ....

Danny was fairly impressed and now calls it the airport...

It was free for him to get in and I paid £12 and I can use that ticket to visit for the rest of the year for free.... I think! it was all getting a little confusing.... lol

It is amazing to see these amazing planes and helicopters up close...

I thought Concord was much bigger than this!
We went inside but I don't like enclosed places and was very glad to get out! ;D

Danny the pilot!

I don't much like the big planes.... you would not get me in one of these!

...and yet I would quite like to have a go in a helicopter! weird huh!
My favourite bits were the Cafe... and the gift shop!


All being well our next excursion will be to this!

I quite fancy a bit of knob throwing, racing and painting!
look at that vicar go!


wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Mr P and I are driving up to Yorkshire (somewhere near Leeds) to visit a friend.... Mr P think's we're driving up and back in one day! I however will be packing a bag and warning Mum and dad that they may be having the dog to stay for a night as well as the children! lol

take care


Sarah said...

That looks like a great museum to go to! Not that far for us either. As for the 'knob' throwing....! Have a great weekend.

melanie said...

Happy belated St Georges day. :) xxx said...

No, It would not look right without the blue!
I love planes, so I would have enjoyed that museum, and once I actually did have a go in a helicopter, it was strange but wonderful! Hope your time in Yorkshire is great! Suzie xxx

MarieAnge said...

Very nice museum. We have a warplane museum in my town as well. I've never been to visit it since we don't have a vehicle and there's no transit to the area where the museum is. From the online photos though, it looks a lot like the one you visited. :)

Danny would definitely be impressed, big planes, and lots of knobs and buttons to turn and push. A little boy's dream :)