Monday, 26 April 2010

and nothing ever gets finished...... I know the phrase is "master of none" but do you ever go into a shop and see something you like and think "how much!.... I could make that!" and you walk away leaving the item in the shop.... and you never make one either !

I like to think I take after my grandfather and possibly my great Granny (whom I never knew) as I can turn my hand to most things and I am happy to give anything creative a go.... however this ability to do "stuff" does not go un-noticed by friends and family and suddenly "your a useful person to know" and of course because I am a stay at home mum I have all the time in the world.....

for example from the back of my house to the end of the garden is approx 100 feet... its a mix of knackered concrete and gravel and a 60 ft lawn.... so far this spring I have mown my mums friend's lawn twice, dug and planted up my friends front garden and spent yesterday mowing and digging flower borders at my mother and father in laws ( well Mr P mowed and I crawled around edging).... I have had a request from my mum to go around and help clear her garden rubbish from a clear out she's had.... now I love to help people but by the time I get home its too late or I am too shattered to do my own....

This could potentially be my lawn looking out from my back window very soon! ;D

Perhaps I should get one of these to mow the lawn while I am out and about!

Next weekend is a bank holiday and you would think that we will have a chance to get loads done but MIL's birthday is on the 2nd and their veg patch needs rotivating... and as Mr P's dad has just had some surgery we will be digging once again.... and boy do my legs aches today... I am no skinny minny and I am just not built for hard labour... but what doesn't kill you is good for you or some such nonsense....
wanted one maybe two families of flower fairies to tend and nurture and take care of one steadily growing wilderness.....

oh well I had better get on and miracle some tea out of the air.... still without hob, oven and hot water....
thank goodness Danny loves Spaghetti on toast! lol

Take care


lisa ridgeon said...

I do exactly the same thing. See something i think i can make myself but never do. I also regularly get the 'you're good at making things, can you make me...' Unless it's for very close family and friends then i price things up properly and it soon puts people off, i refuse to give away my talent!

You're a very good person Alex, you should help your family but do it when it suits you and not always when it suits them.


Sarah said...

Hi Alex
I agree with Lisa - you should help out when you can, but not at the expense of doing what you need to do for your family, and also what you want to do!
Don't be too hard on yourself though!

Taz said...

Ok now there is this word that I'm going to teach you. I'm totally useless at using this word myself but hey give it a go, you might have better luck than me.
Ok here we go....N O Now you try it, N O , and again? LOL
Failing that come and visit me and we'll hide in my horrendously over grown garden together ;)

Cally's Cottage said...

Who needs Wii- when you are so busy??
Have a great BH weekend.
Warm Wishes,
Cally x said...

Hello Alex! Re your question about paints I use on my drawings, it is a mix of designer gouache, watercolour pencils and inktense pencils!
My garden is not much longer than yours, so I realise how much work it is! You must be exhausted doing every one elses too!
It is hard going without the cooker and hob, I will be experiencing that soon! The last time it happened in our last house I used a slow cooker and electric frying pan and microwave in the lounge with my kettle etc. At first it was fun....!
Have a lovely weekend! suzie xxxxx

Snippety Gibbet said...

Well, aren't you handy. Actually, I consider the same of myself. What I don't know I might be quite willing to learn.

I like the goat idea. They wouldn't allow those where I live, but I definitely like the "greeness" of the idea.

Thanks for the kind words about my surgery. I'm home now. Plenty sleepy. A little sore. Very happy.


MarieAnge said...

I've always done that! See something in a shop and think to myself, I can make that! Some I have made when necessity dictated it be done, others have sat moldering in my memory. Hopefully one day, even those will become reality. I'm also known as the "she can make anything lady" I don't always like that title since there are times that I get requests that are a tad over the top.

I've done the same as you do. Helped family and friends get their gardening and lawn done. It would be nice if you got help in kind when you need your flower beds, gardening and lawn done...

I also had to learn that little two letter word known as 'no' but it's always been hard for me to say it. LOL

At least you're getting lots of sunshine and fresh air. Enjoy the lovely weather while you can, never know what summer will bring.

Angel :)