Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I am not a domestic goddess.... when given the choice of housework and crochet and crafting I will choose the fun crafting option every time.... but after the Christmas tree came down I had a sudden urge to re-arrange our one and only living space (other than the kitchen) and get my stash of yarn, fabric and patterns and inspirational books all together in one place....

I have recently started doing embroidery and I love it my dear friend Joanne gave me a fab embroidery ring to use and an assortment of threads and needles and with the silks I already had I decided to embroider a cake related design..... however I am now at the point where I don't know what to do with it! I really am daft!

This beautiful bag was made by Joanne and was part of my Christmas present this year... she's a clever girl!
The key ring was a gift from my darling children...

Sarah at The Blueberry patch sent me this sweet little glove and the ginger bread man below in return for one of my crochet doggies... which I never photographed but luckily Sarah did! we swapped well before Christmas but I was so snowed under I didn't get around to posting about them...
both of these items will be added to my collection of blog land decorations adorning my home...
Sarah also sent me some hand made Christmas gift tags... but they have been put away into my Christmas box ready for next year...

Daniel was most disappointed that the Christmas decorations couldn't stay up till his birthday at the end of the month... so I bought some lit twigs with butterflies to act as a replacement.... however he announced that "yes mummy they are very nice but I would still like a tree!"
I think I will get some twigs from the hedgerow and paint them so that we can hang some birthday chocolates on it.... then it will be a valentine tree... with chocolate hearts... then it will be Jamie's Birthday tree.... then it will be Easter and time for decorated hanging eggs, and chocolates!
What a busy little twiggy tree it will be! lol

This is the only sort of baking I can do... so I am on a cupcake production line using up all the odds and end of yarn that I have been given, I have just finished a donut and I have a pattern for slices of cake... but I need to find a nice chocolate coloured yarn

The fretwork hearts on the mirror were in fact Christmas decorations from Matalan... I put away the trees and stars as they were a little too Christmas'y but with the hearts I cut off the gold thread and tied them together with some ribbon to make a garland ready for Valentines... and its odd how a heart shaped item makes a room special....

I will try to get a better photo if we ever get any sunshine again.... lol

Well that's almost everything that I have been up to of late except for some 100% wool creations I felted today in the washing machine, once they are dry I will take a photo and show you....
I also crocheted a jar cover for a Hyacinth that Danny brought home from pre-school, Danny thinks I made it to keep the bulb warm... how cute is that! and I have finished a hooded scarf, only problem is that its pink and I don't actually wear pink... so its either gonna be a giveaway or a mini swap with one of you lovely people... I also need to work out a way of photographing it as I am a little camera shy to model it myself... but you never know maybe this is the year that I reveal the tired old face that is me!...lol

If you want to join in the Mothering Sunday swap please leave a comment on the previous post so far its a swapping circle as there are only three of us... lol
but I understand that its early days in the year for a swap so don't worry if you'd rather not

take care


Joanne said...

This is a nice post Alex your living room looks so cosy, I hope I can get over tomorrow night for our wool night or it might become embroidery night.
Well it all looks lovely.

Joanne x

lisa ridgeon said...

I'm loving your crafty corner, and you have a very cozy living room. I'd be very happy to join your dog in front of that fire.


karen said...

Hi hunni
I just thought I'd pop over and catch up with you.
I think the cupcake embroidery would look great made into a pocket on the front of an apron. I love, love, love the wooly cupcakes they are just adorable. Are they knitted or crochet?

I can't wait to see what you've felted, I treated myself to some ECO wool last week and now I can't decide what to do with it lol.

I'm a tad camera shy too but I think you should bite the bullet and post us a picture of you modeling your scarf. I'm sure we must pass each other in town and not even know it lol How weird is that hehehe.

MarmaladeRose said...

OO! I think I have cupcake envy! They look delish! Twinkley twigs too, I want some of those aswell.

Love your corner, just how mums corner should be.

Menopausal musing said...

Loving the embroidery........ maybe you could make it into a teacosy? Also love your knitted cupcakes and adore that glove. Your posts are always so full of lovely handcrafted goodies.

Jenn said...

I love your crafty section. And such a cozy room! Those cupcakes look good enough to eat (where did you get the crochet pattern from?)!
That embroidered treat needs to be put on the front of something special..a bag or an apron or even a little pillow. Hoping the snow is easing up a bit finally!


Sarah said...

What a snug corner you have! Love the cupcakes and the embroidery - you have been busy!

bekimarie said...

Your lounge looks so snug and cosey. It makes me want to pop round, put my feet up, drink hot chocolate and eat cake with you.
Talking of cakes, your embroidery is lovely, I agree with Karen, would look lovely on an apron.
It would be so nice to see a piccie of you, always nice to put a face to someone.

Take care
Beki xxx