Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Oh for a quiet moment....

Morning everyone,
Well what a few weeks I have had full of ups and downs and all the ranges of family life in between... I am exhausted!

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit, I have been keeping an eye on blogs but haven't been able to comment on too many, every time I start to leave a reply Mr P walks past shaking his head in a exasperated way and I feel terribly guilty! but I have sorted everything out now, He is going to get his garage sorted and start fixing the his 750 motorbike that has been mid service for at least a year! leaving me in the house to be wickedly naughty in peace...

So normal blogging and crochet and my new venture into sewing will start afresh.... I am however devoid of pleasing pictures but if you are interested in what I have been doing for the past few weeks, get a cuppa, get comfy and read on!

Office duties
(yawn..... booorrring!)

I do have a stack of paperwork to get sorted asap so I am off to get a bargain laptop for Mr P's business plus one of those mobile Internet do da's as there is no telephone at the office, and the mobile phone I inherited from Mr P when mine died is far too complicated for me, he had to get a phone with no camera (you have no idea how difficult that is) as he's not allowed such things at work for security reasons, So I am off to find a simple phone for a simple person.... wish me luck!

Secret Easter Swap
(ssshhhhh its a secret)

I have my secret Easter swap to complete (organised by Bush Baby Jag) I can't tell you who I am swapping with as its a secret, but she is a fabulous quilter and I am a little nervous of my quality of work as hers is amazing but as I keep telling my daughter "do your very best" so I will follow my advise and pray I am making something that she will like.

Heart Swap
(fairy hearts and special makes)

I am also involved with Mollycupcakes heart swap and I am swapping with Jayne from Cupcake Fantasy and I am very excited with the six heart related items I am going to get together. Jayne is into all manner of fantasy things and I have a secret passion for fantasy and fairies and I am intrigued by all things mystical, and as she shares these interests I am really looking forward to making some really special things....

Driving out of my comfort zone
( I am no Miss Daisy, but if I am doing 75 how fast was everyone else going?)

I have been out and about with Joanne we went to a quilting exhibition in Exeter, I drove and I was a little nervous about driving that distance you see I have only been driving about 4 years (I am a late starter you know) and I hate going somewhere new, people see me as such a confident person but its all a front, my "lets get on with this attitude" pushes the raw fear out of the way but its still there! quivering in the background... but we got there and we got back too, via a minor detour. I like to think of it as "seeing a little more of the countryside we live in" Mr P calls it "Lost".

The Quilting Exhibition
(what amazing artists and how busy was the coffee shop!!!)

This was really exciting, lots of quilty peeps and as I wore my baseball cap I think I terrified a lot of older ladies as I didn't appear to be the type to attend a quilt show, if I had a hood on my fleece I reckon I could have caused a few heart attacks. The double glances as I pushed my way through to get some fat quarters and buttons was such a giggle! at least Joanne couldn't loose me, at 5' 10" wearing a billabong baseball cap I must have stood out...(giggle!!!)

I have purchased 2 Tilda books so I am going to embark into the world of fabulous linen toys, and scrummy bags and all manner of yumminess.... I bought far too many fat quarters but there was colour everywhere, it was very overwhelming...! I had a slight guilt trip on the way home but by the time I had entered the door I thought honesty was the best course of action and fessed up to my £80 splurge... Mr P didn't bat an eye, love him!

Weekend Madness
(not the best weekend ever, but we survived!)

On Saturday he even tried his best to talk me into a DVD system for my car as I was trying to find a radio that wasn't Chinese and that I could pick up a radio station on..... I turned down his techno gadget offer

I opted for a normal radio and picked up

1. required universal connection wires,
2. a universal double din (double what?) thin tin box... Apparently required!
3. a plastic box to take up the extra space left by the removal of a double depth radio.....

approaching the counter a lad with huge holes on his ears (some kind of blue ring had been inserted into his ear lobes making a hole big enough to put your finger through, perhaps his mum had them fitted to get him out of bed in the mornings!) grabs the radio box says

"yep we 'ave one of those"

and disappears off to the storeroom.....

Daniel meanwhile is playing with things that in a 3 year olds view have obviously been left lieing around just for that purpose.....

Mr P who has not developed the ability to let things that really don't matter slide by is getting more annoyed by 3 year olds fiddly fingers....

another lad starts ringing in our purchases, picking up the bit of tin (universal double din!) asks

"how much is this?, the computer doesn't recognise the code"

now having worked in retail for many years I really do get annoyed at bad service, but keeping my cool I reply

"Sorry, I wouldn't know, as there is no price on the shelf either"

he starts to punch info into the computer screen and then announces

" blimey, do you know how much this is?"

I wonder to myself

"does this moron expect a response from me, or is he talking to himself"

I just told him I didn't know how much it was.....
Well this bit of tin was £50, the bit of wire with a connector on the end £20 the radio £80 and the plastic box £20 amounting to £170

I could buy a double depth radio that would fit the space exactly for that price.......

Hole head boy returns to complete the shopping experience to announce

" Na we ain't got no more of those radios, must ave sold that last one this morning!"


Needless to say I still have the same old useless radio that can't even pick up wireless 2!
My fault for buying an imported car I suppose!

The rest of the weekend went pretty much the same way!

From this I have learnt that I am happy to go shopping with Danny, after all we get each other.... but I am leaving Mr P at home, sometimes too much knowledge is not a good thing....
Put the word Electronics and Engineer in the same sentence and you should know better to expect a simple answer, explanation or decision!

Well congratulations to anyone who made it through all that you deserve a medal.
Normal short posts will resume and I am off to make a cuppa and get Danny man ready for our shopping trip!

Take care


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

You've been a busy busy bee, no wonder you haven't posted in a while! lol! You've got a lot of swapping going on too!! What fun!! Glad to hear you might have a little moment here and there to pop into bloggy land!! Hope your Wednesday is great!! (and I DID make it through the whole post) giggle giggle!! xxTeresa

Shabby Chick said...

I think they're called flesh tunnels but your description made me laugh out loud, I think they're vile! They look even worse when the metal bit is out, looks like you could tie them up in a bow (there are going to be some VERY attractive old people around in 50 years time!).

Your Tilda books sound like fun, I would love to hear more about them once you get going.

And... welcome back!

mel xxx

Loopy said...

Welcome back!
It wasn't Halfords in Yeovil was it?? Sounds familiar that's all!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Funnily enough yes it was!

Taz said...

Well there you are! Been missing you but good grief you have been a busy girl.
Your quilting experience sounds fun, god help them if I'd turned up with you I'm 6ft LOL
Him indoors tends to favour the electrical/computer blah blah blah shops when we're out and about and I do tend to glaze over and follow him around like a morose teenager but then I get all eye rolling when the staff turn out to be even more useless than me.

Raspberry Cupcake said...

Hello, nice to see you back in blogland!

Your shopping trip sounds like a nightmare - what is wrong with people these days?! When I worked in retail the manager would be down on you like a ton of bricks if you talked to customers like that!!!

Your swaps sound good!

C x

Loopy said...

Hey me again!! Thanks for coming by my newbie blog, it's like a whole world that I actually fit into!! Doesn't seem to be many knitters/crocheters my age in the "other" world! Any little items would be truly welcomed for our appeal - you should come over and visit. Let me know if you fancy and I'll email you the shop details. L x