Friday, 28 November 2008

Off to the Post Office

Well its all done and after giving it a good while to dry the October giveaway painting has been packed and wrapped.

I couldn't post a photo even if I wanted to as I had almost completely wrapped it before I realised I hadn't taken one

It will be winging its way to

Cake makes the world a better place

today via special delivery and I hope it is everything you wished for April

Cheers for now gotta get off to the post office now

Cheers Alex


April said...

OOO Alex!! I am so excited, I can't wait to see what you have done, you star!!

I will post photos as soon as I get it

Thank you so much

April xx

karen said...

hehehe I'm alway's forgetting to take photo's
Can't wait to take a peek though I'll have to go and haunt april's blog lol.

karen said...

Ps Thanks so much for the award hunni
I promise I'll sort it out when I get back

karen said...

Dornoch is up in the highlands of scotland it's a very scenic place. If you google dornoch cathedral you'll see where I got married and dornoch castle hotel is where we had the reception and that's where were staying at the weekend. You should put it on your list of places to visit. It really is beautiful.

I can't wait to see thomas I'm sure you'll do an amazing Job.

April said...

Hi, there's an award for you on my blog

April xx

Taz said...'ve been tagged over on my blog. Hope you don't mind :)