Thursday, 20 November 2008

Christmas Fayre preparations.... Oh My!

Well its that time of year again and I am sourcing and buying prizes for the raffles, Santa's grotto and all the other stalls that require a prize........

I realise that PTA is considered a dirty word by many but the amount of work involved to organise one of these events is horrendous...... I am paying for everything out of my own pocket and I hope I will eventually get the money back when I hand in the receipts.

For santas grotto I am trying to get prizes for the value of 75p, we will only charge £1 a visit and if we get 200 visits we will make £50, which is not a huge amount but evey little helps, we are however struggling to find a santa!

Childrens Raffle - We have asked parents for gift/prize donations but obviously you cannot risk sitting back thinking that it will all be donated so you have to have a fairly good display and any donations are a bonus....

I have asked several shops and companies for donations and the only one happy to donate a prize (the spider man web blaster) was the Entertainer... THANK YOU! I could hug and cuddle them for being so wonderfully generous!

The school only has just over 100 students, and I would imagine half will attend, so we are struggling to begin with really.

I have bid on several items on ebay in the job lot section, bubble blowing sets, clicky cameras and girls body art kit bags I have been succesful in getting them for good prices and one was a little too dear so I bartered with him and secured the price I am willing to pay.... yeah for persistent cheek!

I have also bought a very large inflatable snow dome, its only 6ft tall and I will use outside the hall to try and entice children and their parents in.... this is however mine and I will get Mr P to install it on our drive.... I am a sad lady indeed, and in all its tacky gaudyness it will do what it is designed to do and entertain the kiddy winks, it blows polystrene balls around and has 3 snowmen inside it and lights up!

Oh well onward and upward!
Tata for now....


JuliaB said...

Wow! you are a very generous person indeed! I hope you recoup some of your hard earned cash! But I can't help thinking that it's not the kids who are getting MOST excited!! he he. x

karen said...

wow you have been busy again haven't you.
What would they do without you. Your doing a great job and I hope they all apreciate it.

Joanne said...

what fun we had shopping Wednesday I think most people thought we were mad picking up all those teddies well we did say we had lots of children.
You do far to much for this school and don't get enough back in return your to good.
thanks for coming round last night the little guys had a great time.
Though they are all home today Tallon, asthma flynn nasty cold Lily up all night with a tempature.
see you soon have a good weekend
joanne x

April said...

I am so impressed with your hard work and dedication - it can be very hard to get people to be involved. C's school is much bigger and we do get a pretty turn out. For the raffle we give each class a theme and they fill a hamper with related items - obviously a small school makes it harder

Hope all goes well

April xx

Vanessa said...

You found your blog, and I to am in the middle of organising a ladies night for my daughters Pre-School, the venue, food, stall holders, beautician is the easy part the hard part is selling the tickets. The do is on Wednesday night and I said the deadline for ticket returns was today but I still have 6 people outstanding, but thank god I have managed to sell 85 tickets!

Good luck for your event

Vanessa x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh im just starting christmas cafe etc organisation i feel your pain!!!
award and tag on my blog for you - dont do the tag if you dont want too as its quite a long one :-)
Lesley x