Friday, 17 September 2010

Hello you.... how the devil are you...?

Feeling good I hope.... 
Me ? 
oh I am fine.... 
thank you for asking .... 
I do so love all you caring, sharing, lovely people... 

a few things are still preying on my mind but life is too short to bore you with the daily grind and grief of living in the grey areas of this strange little thing called "life" and to delve too deeply into the question "what exactly is the point of it all" would open a can of worms that is, in my humble opinion, on a par with Pandora's box.... to be honest I think I am one Prozac short of a smile these days as it is... 

We have had a visit from the Pope, not personally I mean the country I live in... now I have no real religious beliefs and to be honest the Government have never asked me how I think they should spend our hard earned taxes so I have little opinion to share on that issue either... but I have a question for people that have religion in their lives... are your lives easier? do you have to deal with the everyday rubbish that seems to be filling up my life at the moment? or does God (whomever he/she might be) shelter you from these like a giant umbrella?
I don't know why I have no religion... could be that my parents were not that way inclined... I did go to Sunday school with my friend... I enjoyed the colouring in and the bible stories were good... I have always been brought up to consider others and mind my manners which a lady on the radio yesterday said was the root of Catholicism...  and I live my life in a considerate and community based manner... perhaps if I didn't analyse everything so much I might have religion in my life... I have no clue where I am going with this! lol

I almost watched a programme about the designing and building of a Malaysian garden that won a gold at Chelsea and the plants man went to Malaysia to research his designs.... he stayed in a small Malaysian village and everyone lived in a very tight knit community where the consequences of your actions and the repercussions they may cause to your friends and family were far more important than your own needs... it was a way of life that does not seem to exist in the bigger part of the modern world.... Unfortunately I didn't see the end of the programme as I was putting the kids to bed...

Well this week has been a tough one... Daniel was sick on Sunday afternoon... he was fine in himself but I followed the 48 hour rule for returning to school after vomiting and Daniel stayed home Monday and Tuesday... and as I was full of cold too Jamie stayed off school as I didn't feel well enough to drive... They are both back to school now and the commuting has begun again... I rang Somerset County Council today and after talking to 5 different departments I was informed the lady I need to speak to is off today and that she'll ring me back on Monday... knowing my luck I will be out driving when she rings... I think I will give them my mobile number in future and the ever growing pessimist taking up residence in my being thinks that the phone call will not come anyway... I shall ring again on Monday..

I think the half term "Halloween Holidays" will be the crunch time... I have to set myself a deadline to make a decision as I cannot keep going with no end in sight... at least if she moves school it will just mean a new tie as the rest of the uniform is the same... my only concern is that Jamie isn't good at making new friends, she's not the most sociable of girls and currently spends most of her time being moody and teenager - ee.... not a lot of fun... Daniel is loving school and now has lunch at school the week before half term he will start full days so I will be half an hour later picking up Jamie as I can't be in 2 places at the same time... but at least my day will be longer and I can get more stuff done... 

I still haven't sorted out hte chickens but my cousin has some hybrids available next week so I think I might take a look and see if they appeal... I think I will get 3 and if I don't get on and sort it out then it'll never happen! lol Mr P was worried about what would happen when we go on holiday... as we have never had a holiday I am not sure whether he was joking or promising me a holiday next year... lol

So much to do and not sure where to start... 

but at least its FRIDAY!
we are having a Chinese and a bottle of wine (or 2) as a treat perhaps that will ease the neck and shoulder pain that seems to have struck ... I think its just tense muscles but perhaps some hard labour in the garden clearing and sorting will loosen me up a bit... 

well I had better go and get on with the washing up...
wishing you all fantastic weekends and I hope the sun shines on you wherever you may be

take care


marigold jam said...

Oh dear Alex you are having a difficult time. Regards the religion thing No I don't think having it makes life any easier but perhaps it helps to see the bigger picture not that I can claim to be religious but I do think there is a point to it all and that it will be revealed in the fullness of time. I hope you get your hens - they are so funny to watch and will surely be helpful to your current state of mind - or maybe not if they are another thing you have to slot into your already packed day!

Hope you have a good weekend and that the sun will shine and lift your spirits.


lisa ridgeon said...

Alex, life can be crap can't it. I'm sorry things aren't easier for you.

Hubby and i were talking about religion only last night. We both went to Christian schools where we prayed and learned Christian values and although we don't openly follow any religion now we still live our lives by those same values. We know people draw a lot of strength and comfort from their religion so it certainly has it's place. We are quite private people and don't feel comfortable going to church regularly but we agreed that if we were poorly in hospital and a man of the cloth stopped by to say a prayer for us we would welcome it find comfort in it.

I do hope life starts to brighten up for you soon my dear.


Floss said...

Alex, you're wonderfully honest and I really felt for you in so many ways as I read your post! It's all piling up for you at the moment, isn't it?

And the incredible thing is, I was reading 'an' answer (not 'the' answer, but 'an' answer, anyway) to the question you ask, only this afternoon. The author was asking why, if Jesus did all these miracles, could he not guarantee an easy and safe life to his followers. He then went on to say that Jesus and his first followers all had particularly difficult lives, and usually nasty deaths, too.

Then he says this: "Faith is not an insurance policy. Or, as Eddie Askew suggests, maybe it is: insurance does not prevent accidents, but rather gives a secure base from which to face their consequences."

And I felt that was pretty true of my faith-experience. My mum is dying, but none of us have a 'why us?' attitude - honestly, why NOT us? People do die young, and why should Christians be exempt? Our faith doesn't stop bad things happening, but it does give us some kind of baseline confidence - we are loved, we are cared for: life isn't meant to be easy but we live it in company with our creator who loves us.

That said, it is such a learning curve! Anyone who pretends to be a perfect person of faith has got to be kidding themselves - we get it wrong and get angry and scared and try to handle everything by ourselves, all the time. And I guess that's why I'm glad that I'm not following 'rules' but living in company with our God, who loves us.

That's my honest answer to your very honest question. Hope it's OK..?

Rachel said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're still having a tough time. I hope you find a resolution to your commuting problem soon. On the question of religion, I don't follow one either (ok, yes, I was baptised and I got married in church - call me a hypocrite!) I don't feel like I'm missing anything at all though.
R x
PS. 99 days???!!!! Don't tell me that!!!

mother of purl said...

Sorry things aren't great for you- hope the chinese and wine improves things, even if it is only tonight!
I am entirely atheist and have no personal need to identify a religion to place my faith in. I think, if anything, I am closest to a buddhist than anything else, but these days I do have a clear code for my life- based on thrift and appreciation of the smallest details.

We experienced some terrible worries and financial difficulties two years ago and I have such a better quality of life since we simplified everything and stopped trying to buy happiness with shiny things.

I think what ever your problems at the moment, you do have the skills and resources to solve them within yourself- after all, you are the only expert on you! A lot of the work I do uses techniques from solution focused therapy- have a look, it may just give you some inspiration to look at your problems in a new way Cxx

karen said...

Oh hunnI. I think there must be something in our water lol. I'm glad to hear your a bit more upbeat about it all if only just a little. And I can only keep saying that I hope it all come's good in the end whatever you choose to do.
I do however have the answer to one of your problems.
I know of a chicken breeder that will quite happily take on a small flock of chickens whilst owners go on holiday's for a small fee !!!! So there you go life aint all that bad after all is it.
Well I'm sure it gave you a giggle if nothing else lol.
sending (((( big hugs)))) your way speak to you soon.

Sarah said...

Sorry things are tough at the moment Alex, sometimes life deals some real terrible blows, and you have got your fair share of them.
I'm not religious, however I know people who turn to the church in times of need and that's fine.
I hope you can find a way of getting through what you need to get through and get a resolution with Jamie's school.
PSs - Hope the Chinese was good!

Anonymous said...

Used to read your blog last year, then I went off the whole thing, and now I am back with a new blog of my own at and just refound you, if that's a word.
Interesting to read the bit about religion. I don't have any anyway, and if it is true that Stephen Fry said something along the lines of why does the Pope have to come on a State visit, then I agree with him. The funny thing, or not, is that I went to a convent school, not a catholic, but they needed us non-catholics to keep the place going, and of course there was no escaping religion! Maybe I have revolted against all that, but more likely I just don't believe any of it, the creation and all. The Big Bang Theory is more plausible to me, but to be honest, it's all way too deep for me to fathom.
But sorry you are not your usual bright and breezy self, hope it passes soon.

Mr Monkey said...

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Thanks, Mr. Monkey said...

Hello you! Gosh I feel for you, as I have had many times in my life where everything just seems to be piling up on top of me, I feel a little shakey at the moment! As for religion, I was brought up to go to church and Sunday school, but as I got older my faith waned somewhat, with the many knocks which life deals. I fell out with God when I found out that I couldn't have children, I felt very angry. My Mum always kept her faith, and I think that is what helps people.. faith, in something there. I think that we are put here to try to be better people and to learn from everything that hurts us. I believe in 'somthing', but not really sure what! Now I have learnt that life is a series of tests and tribulations, and when my parents both got cancer, and then I got it too, I remember thinking... its no use asking why me, because someone will shout back .. why not! The trouble is we never know what is round that corner, and sometimes it can all feel like we are walking a tightrope. I suppose I still have faith in something, as I always believe that there is a reason for everything. Don't forget that you can always email me if you need to. Love and hugs to you my friend. Susie xxxx

Jabacue said...

Suzie sent me from Itch to Stitch. I think I'll stay a while.
We're waiting for your opinion on the pope.....I have lots but would't want to take over the comment

The Sunroom said...

Oooooooh Alex,

I do hope life and the world have been kinder to you this week? And I hope that the sun has shined on you and some positive things have happened. Here's hoping you have a easy & relaxing weekend.

Take Care


Taz said...

I wish we lived closer so I could pop round and we could put the world to rights over a pot of tea (or a bottle of wine) and then I could do the school run for you so you could pop those feet up and chill. ((((hugs))))

the pig lady said...

Hi sweetie, so sorry you're having a pants time - believe me your not alone, there is always a hand near by to support you. If I were close by I would pop by with cake for tea and hugs. My faith certainly hasn't given me immunity, I wish it did! But it is an extra hand to support me, give me strength to get through all the challenges that life throws at us and point me in the right direction when I am really not sure which way to go. I hope you find some peace and space soon, sending ooodles of hugs Debs xxx
Sorry for being so quiet lately but life has been dishing out the challenges over this way too! xx