Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow, Birthday Cake and Shopping....

Hello everyone, I hope you are all okay and have had a good day!

We have actually had a light dusting of snow overnight, it did thaw slightly during the day and Danny man and I went to the village shop and then built a teeny tiny snowman!
He's crashed out in bed, and Jamie came home from school and has gone to bed too! she has that really chesty cough and is feeling a little rough.... I will see how she's feeling tomorrow she may stay home.

Danny Man's Birthday

It was Danny mans birthday on Saturday and he requested a Lorry cake......
I am not naturally gifted at cake making, and I have been informed by someone that it is not something you can learn you are either good at it or you are not!

I am not!

So I cheated!

I bought all manner of cakes from Lidls, Somerfields and Tesco and cut, moulded, covered and pasted together with a tub of Betty Crockers ready to spread icing!

I am not embarrassed by my lack of ability,
I totally excel at so many other things that I can deal with not being a complete domestic goddess, we can't all be Nigella!
I wouldn't mind her figure!

well here is my Chocolate log lorry!
What do you think?

I had a blast making it!

I slightly over catered,

there was only Daniel, Jamie, Mr P's mum and dad and Mr P and myself..... my Mum and Dad had a family occasion in Poole to go to, everything always seems to happen at the same time.

Daniel had a lovely day playing with all his new toys, it took ages for it to sink in that all the gifts were just for him.... being so close to Christmas I think he thought he had to share them!


Now I have tried to win so many giveaways that I am resorting to buying the things that I covet!
I know it is very naughty but I can't help it...

I bought 3 little birds from Patchwork Pottery
they arrived Saturday all the way from Canada!
They were beautifully wrapped and I also received an extra parcel!

Mr P thought I was mad taking photo's of all the different stages of unwrapping, but it has to be done so that I can get all excited when I look at the photo's again and again!

I received my three little birds, which are beautiful and each little bird had a thank you card with a magnet button, these magnets are so handy, I have two of the birds hung on the magnets by my laptop in the kitchen, and the duck egg blue bird is hanging on one of my cupboard door handles in the kitchen. The extra parcel was a little swatch of fabric with 3 herbal teas....

My beautiful felt picture from Fi at Marmalade Rose arrived Thursday, the postman caught me as I was walking with Daniel down to the Village cafe, I was so excited I nearly died!
Now I know this is suppose to be my Valentines present but as I was on my way to the villlage cafe I thought it rude to sit there and not open it!

With a crowd of onlookers I worked my way into it through the many layers of bubble wrap and cardboard.
Finally there it was in all its beautifulness!

I was so pleased with my first ever purchase of a piece of artwork by someone else and spent all morning showing everyone!

It astounds me though, that some people commented that I could have made it myself, okay with training and a little time possibly I could have but why keep trying to do everything yourself?
why not embrace those that already have those wonderful abilities and purchase their work, and revel in their talent! It seems to be a habit of creative people to see something and think
" pah I could do that myself"
and then you find you never get around to it and you still have nothing beautiful and inspiring to look at!
Thank you Fi! I love your work and your hair raising ordeal to fetch it from the shop will be told to my children and their children as it is passed from generation to generation!

I am one very lucky gal!
Thank you Mr P for letting me splurge!
I am feeling much chirpier now, surrounded by my lovely new things

Bye for now


April said...

that is a brilliant cake - happy birthday to Daniel

April xx

Tatty Mum said...

Wow you did a pretty good job with the cake it looks fantastic, well done you.
The birds are really cute as well.

see you soon.

Joanne xx

Raspberry Cupcake said...

OMG that cake is amazing! You did a fantastic job!

I love the birdies too, I would treat myself like you did but I cant think of a single place where I could hang them! I will have to ogle yours!

JuliaB said...

You can learn to make cakes! don't listen to anyone who says otherwise! And by the looks of it, you are pretty good a decorating them too! that truck is lovely!!! xx

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Alex

What a great post, so busy! I think you did an amazing job with the cake, I would have bought one ready made :-S Hope Danny had a wonderful birthday.

Those gifties look gorgeous, I think I may have to trundle on over for a look at that site! Though I have just emailed Lucy Bloom about one of her lovely peggy dolls so maybe I'd better not actually buy anything!

Mel xxx

Raspberry Cupcake said...

Ive just emailed you on the address you giev on your blog. Will you let me know you got it ok?

MarmaladeRose said...

Fab birthday cake Alex, chocolate mini rolls mmmmmm!
Thank you for the lovely compliments, I'm blushing a little here. And yes I'm sure you could make a felt picture too, the interesting part is that even if we chose the same subject, they'd look totally different, isn't that just the most exciting thing? That's because we'd each put a little bit of ourselves into it.

Any cake left?

Taz said...

Well I think your truck cake looks fantastic and I'm sure wee man did too.
You can never over cater with finger food...well not if I'm around anyway. I love picking at it, it's like constant snacking.

Loving your birds and your artwork is amazing. I realised the other day that I really must be turning into my mother as I picked something up and turned to eldest small person and said "I could make that!" But you're right there are somethings that I will never learn well enough to match someone else's talent so I will revel in theirs.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oooo lovely lovely things - the birds are gorgeous i must try again as my first attempt was poor to say the least :-S the cake is fantastic - i couldnt even buy the various cakes and make it look like this so in my opinion that is a talent in itself!!! who cares you didnt make the actual cakes!
Lesley x

Snippety Gibbet said...

Wow! That cake rocks! I cannot believe that you are not some pastry artist. Bravo!

karen said...

wow That is one fab cake hunni.
Happy belated birthday to danny. I bet he loved his cake.
I'm not gifted when it come's to baking either but I can tell you this much...
with good quality ingredients, a bit of effort and a bit of love. everything you bake will be very much appreciated. and besides your a very tallented artist WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT LOL.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Happening by that post again, I still love that truck cake.