Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Time is marching on...

Don't you just hate the way time runs away with you... I have a couple of minor things to do on the painting of the scenery, but on the whole its all finished.  If the snow doesn't cause too much of a problem tomorrow I'll pop down and finish up tomorrow morning.
I popped straight to the hospital this morning for my pre op blood tests, then came back to help set up the craft club at the village hall.  just as I was getting ready to finish the last piece of scenery that was requested on Sunday my mum rang and I dashed off to pick her up and bring her to craft club too. 
painted on a piece of 4mm ply wood using dulux emulsion paint (6 hours from start to finish)
I finished of a cupboard for the Dames cooking scene in the pantomime this morning, the dame is being played by a local vicar/retired doctor ... hope they don't mind the "50 shades of grey" book that I added... tee hee!

My first attempt at an owl ... really quite pleased with it
so pleased with the depth

The forest scene is finished but I haven't taken a proper photo yet, the days have been so dreary and the lighting in the hall is so dull... On hindsight I think its not really very Panto ... the carpenter who is also involved with another long standing panto group says its not cartoon-y enough... but I can only do what I can do, so I am afraid they'll have to make do with my arty farty painty technique.

The canopy of the trees was sponged on I will hopefully take a picture tomorrow, I've been waiting for a bit of sunshine so that I can take a photo of the completed works, but we've not had any bright days of late.
The other scene I had to do was a village street scene... and that means angular (proper) perspective... trees and organic shapes are easy as there is no real right or wrong, but buildings... *gulp*
So with a heavy heart and a touch of self doubt I started sketching a scene...

and I started to add colour and my apprehension peaked and troughed and had me feeling seasick with self doubt...
 It is finished now and I am quite relieved and pleased... its not perfect, I can see things that are just not quite right ... but its the best I can do and I eventually enjoyed doing it (not as much as the forest though! ;D)
once again it perhaps isn't really very panto... but beggars cant be choosers and as I did it for no charge they'll have to make do .. lol

The stage lights cast a horrid shadow, but apparently that can't be helped.. :(

I hope this publishes okay... blogger is being a real pain this evening, so I do apologise if its all over the place when I eventually hit the publish button... perhaps its the snow! ;D
We had quite a bit of snow last friday, schools were closed and Daniel was not at all dissapointed!

However I hope the snow out there are the moment doesnt come to much as I really have a lot to get done before friday and my gallbladder operation.
Well stay safe, warm and keep smiling
I'll pop on the completed photos as soon as I can
loves and hugs


Anonymous said...

Love the depth of the painting too, you really feel as if you want to walk into it.
Good luck on Friday, hope it all goes well for you, and take care.

menopausalmusing said...

You have done a superb job, absolutely superb. Wishing you all the best for Friday and a speedy recovery Alex.

Taz said...

Well you know I think it looks absolutely marvelous - oh yes it does! xx

Unknown said...

Oooh you are back in blogland. Hey,I hope your op goes OK! Keep me updated. Hugs xx